Jeevika Didi, who is helping in covid era with employment

In order to protect people living in the villages of Bihar from the infection of covid, the government is distributing six masks in all the houses. 

In such a situation, the responsibility of making these masks has been given to the women of Jeevika.

The Bihar Rural Livelihoods Project of the Rural Development Department, i.e., the livelihood day, is making every effort to turn the disaster into an opportunity, so that the corona can be defeated with economic self-reliance. 

Construction of double-layer masks with a high standard of effective prevention in the spread of covid-19 infection by livelihood sisters continues on a war footing. 

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In many places, Jeevika Didi is constantly making masks. Six masks are being delivered to each family in the panchayats. 

District Magistrate of Purnia, Rahul Kumar said that 558 women are currently engaged in the construction of masks. 

With this, not only are they getting employment, but masks are also available to the people to fight the corona. 

He told that constant efforts are also being made to provide employment to the people. According to him, it is planned to add 700 women in the construction of masks in the coming days. 

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He said that women related to livelihood are also being linked to various other schemes including bangle making, goat rearing, bee keeping, Didi’s kitchen.

At present, 42 women are involved in the manufacture of bangles, but it is planned to add 300 women in a few days. 

There are 3,130 women currently associated with goat husbandry, making them financially self-reliant, but in a month or two, there are plans to add 2,000 more women to this scheme. 

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Another officer of Purnia says that in all the villages of the panchayat, six masks are being given to each family. 

He said that during the corona epidemic period, the work of making masks at various places by Jeevika Didi and making it available at the prescribed rate is going on. 

Masks made by Jeevika Didi are being made available at school, block and other levels as per demand. 

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