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Jammu and Kashmir: Govt. finally decides to provide security to Panchayat members

Jammu and Kashmir government decided to provide security to panchayat member by deploying hundreds of young cops to guard across the valley.

By groundreportdesk
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Amidst increase in the attacks on Panchayat members, Jammu and Kashmir government has decided to provide them security by deploying hundreds of young cops to guard them across the valley. Quoting informed sources a news agency Kashmir dot com said that the decision has been taken by Union Home Ministry, which has directed the Armed wing of the J&K Police to provide a list of senior constables and constables with minimum five-year service and age below 35 years.

"The decision has been taken to provide PSOs to the Panchs and Sarpanchs for their security," Official said. He said that the young cops were called for their expertise in weapon handling. He said the young cops were called because they are good at weapon handling.

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Senior Superintendent of Police Armed Police control room (APCR) on September 03 asked all Commandants of Kashmir based armed police and IRP units to provide the list of young cops deployed in their units.

“In continuation of this office signal number APCR/DEP-27/2020dated 03.09.2020 regarding the nominal roll of the officials SGCT/CTS) of your respective units for special duties. In this regard the service of the officials should be minimum of 05 years and age of the official must be below 35 years”, reads the from SSP APCR to all commandants of Kashmir based AP/IRP units termed as a most urgent message, a copy of which lies.

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Pertinent to mention is that several panchayat members were recently attacked, in which many lost their lives and an equal number were left seriously injured. Among those who were targeted were the members of ruling BJP.

This sent shockwaves among the members of rural bodies, who sensing the vulnerability, and threat to their lives panchayat members organized several protests, demanding security from the government. Some of them, under the fear of losing life, even submitted their resignations from the basic membership of these rural bodies and their parties.

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In order to raise confidence among the panchayat members and to put an end to the resignation wave, the government has finally decided to provide security to the panches and sarpanchs across the valley.

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