#IStandWithVirat: Fans support Virat Kohli’s video message

Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli shared a video on Twitter wishing everyone on the occasion of Diwali. In this 18-second video, Virat is saying, “I wish you and your family a lot. May God give you this Diwali peace, prosperity and happiness.

“Remember that firecrackers do not break, protect the environment and this auspicious Celebrate at home with your loved ones with a simple gift and sweet treat on occasion. May God bless you all. Take care. “

He is trending since this video message of Virat.

Many Twitter users did not like this message of Virat but a large number of his fans have supported his message. After that, #IStandWithVirat started trending on Twitter.

But another trend is on top on Twitter. Which is also related to this video message. It is not in the name of Virat but the matter is related to his video message.

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With this hashtag, people are expressing their resentment towards Anushka and Virat Kohli.

However, Virat Kohli’s appeal is not new. Keeping in mind the environment and the health of the people, bursting of firecrackers has been banned in many states of the country. In some states, which have been exempted, there have also been many conditions.

But people on Twitter have reacted quite differently to Virat’s talk.

Many Twitter users have commented that a few days ago when you burst firecrackers for your birthday, you did not say anything.

Sonika Sharma writes a user “Stop imparting knowledge during my festival. My festival is not your social awareness campaign.”

Another user Nishith Saran writes that you play cricket and never make the mistake of thinking of yourself as a social or religious or Hindu thinker.

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A user named Ashish writes

While trolling Virat, some people have also raised questions about his lifestyle, his trains and his plane. And it is written that when you do all this, then why not think about the environment and are giving knowledge now.

A user has targeted Virat, citing the example of cutting trees and wasting water to make a cricket field.

Also a tweet

A user named Arya writes, when many celebrities back off from giving such messages for fear of being jobless, trolled. The fearless Virat Kohli has proved by giving this message why he is the last king.

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