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Iran-backed Shi’ite cell behind bombing near Israeli Embassy in India

After more than a month the IED blast outside the Israeli embassy in New Delhi, the Indian counter-terrorism agency has prepared a list of suspects and after its investigation, the final report has revealed that the Iran Quds Force was behind the blast.

According to sources, Iranian Quds Force was behind this terrorist plot but the bomb was planted by a local Indian Shia module. 

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Not only this, such evidence was deliberately left behind by which the terrorist organization Islamic State was responsible for the attack, but the anti-terrorist agencies have now confirmed that the attack was carried out by Iran’s Quds Force against Israel.

“The bomb was not of high intensity, nor was it aimed at harming people,” a counter-terrorism expert associated with the investigation of the Iranian angle behind the attack, on condition of anonymity, told Hindustan Times.

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 This is also because Iran did not want to spoil relations with a country with friendly relations like India. But the message was clear and the danger was also real. 

On January 29 this year, there was a low-intensity explosion outside the Israeli embassy in New Delhi. Investigations have also revealed that the blast was carried out by a remote controlled device. 

However, it is not yet known whether it was a crude bomb or something else. Forensic lab reports about the bomb are yet to come. 

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The investigating agencies believe that the device used for the blast was either ammonium nitrate fuel exploitative with an electric detonator or was PETN. The agencies are aware that ammonium powder fragments have been found in the device used for the blast.

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Indian agencies received a letter from the scene which was written to Israeli Ambassador to India Ron Malka. In the letter, Malaka has been described as a terrorist and a terrorist in the country. Israeli intelligence agency Mossad is also supporting Indian agencies in the investigation of this blast.

According to sources, after investigating the letter from the spot, it has been found that the style of writing it, the spelling of the names written in the letter, it is clear that an Iranian has written it. 

Probably the letter has been delivered by an agent. In the letter, Iran Quds Force General Qasim Sulemani and Abu Mehdi Al Muhandis had to avenge the deaths. Both of them were killed in an American drone attack.

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