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Indore Ragging: Students were forced to do unnatural sex acts

MGM College indore Ragging case

A case of ragging has come to light in Indore’s MGM Medical College, in which a junior student has accused his seniors of ragging. It has been said in the complaint that the seniors were torturing the juniors a lot, they were forcing them to have unnatural relations. The MBBS first year student has presented all the necessary evidence in his complaint, including audio recordings, chats, and location.

The professors also supported the ragging by terming it necessary for their (juniors) personality development.

This complaint was made to the UGC, after which the college administration conducted an investigation in which prima facie all the allegations were found to be true. Considering the seriousness of the matter, the college administration has handed over the matter to the police.

Indore MGM college Ragging: Important points in the complaint

Senior students were taking ragging of first-year students for the last three months.
The accused students used to ask the juniors to shave every day. Ask them to call obscene words in a loud voice. They force them to pass lewd comments on girls.
Students have to do sit-ups if come late. They use to slap them for not remembering seniors’ names. They were forced to comment on girls’ figure, complexions, etc.

Juniors were often asked to have unnatural relations with their friends. Called to the flat for this, the mobiles were confiscated so that no one could record this act. Juniors would be kept locked in the flat with their batchmates for 5 hours. They were also made to wear condoms over their legs with their names on them as their ‘Medical ID’ to enter in the flats where seniors ragged the junior students.

Juniors were not even allowed to enter the library and canteen.

Due to ragging, many students were being mentally tortured, even many students were trying to take a step like suicide. The names of eight seniors have been given in this case against whom a case has been registered.

According to ethics, the names of the victims and seniors have not been mentioned in the complaint. It is a matter of police investigation. On the other hand, the police have taken action under sections 5, 17 of the UGC Act, assault, intimidation, and other sections.

This is not a college campus case, seniors have taken ragging in some 7-8 flats.

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