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Indore is to become India’s first ‘smart city’ with digital addresses 

Madhya Pradesh’s Indore will become the first city in India to implement a fully digital addressing system. Indore Smart City Development Limited (ISCDL) has signed a MoU with a startup to launch a mobile app to assign a unique digital door number for all properties free of charge.

‘Pataa’, an Indore-based digital address app, recently signed a memorandum of understanding with the Indore government.


According to this MoU, all government organizations and emergency services including police, fire department and ambulance will use the Pataa app. The app would also be used for essential services, including E-KYC and bank geotagging. It will be widely accessible to the public for personal and commercial purposes.

‘Pataa Navigation’ will integrate with government platforms such as those of the departments of energy, agriculture, excise, women’s and children’s welfare, and education to provide access to digital addressing systems.


Additionally, Pataa will geotag and list all MP Tourism landmarks with websites. Digital address numbers would be posted on any major public property, such as utility poles, bus stations, and public restrooms.

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Pataa is a short and distinctive code that will help the user to find the specific geographical location. Pataa app users can upload pictures of their homes, landmarks, etc. along with their addresses in full text.

In addition, the user has the option to record voice instructions, which eliminates the need to repeat the address over the phone and makes it easier for the guest to find the location. In the future, the user will be able to share a short code instead of sharing their full, long address with everyone, which is a huge benefit of something like this.

India is reportedly losing approximately Rs 75 billion a year as a result of its complicated address system. Pataa Navigations and ISRO have collaborated to build a robust digital addressing system to reduce losses and simplify the Indian addressing system.

This MoU states that the Pataa app will be used by all government agencies and emergency services such as police, fire department and ambulance. For necessary services such as E-KYC and bank geotagging, the Pataa app will be used. The Pataa app will be accessible to everyone in the business.

To provide access to digital addressing systems, Pataa Navigation will integrate with government platforms such as those of the departments of electricity, agriculture, excise, women and child welfare, and education.

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Pataa will also geotag all MP Tourism tourist destinations and integrate them with websites. All significant public assets, including bus shelters, utility poles, public restrooms, and bus shelters, must have digital address numbers affixed to them.

The Pataa app, a free service, will help delivery providers find a specific geotagged location. Pataa’s low fuel consumption will be a boon to e-commerce businesses and their delivery partners as they complete the last leg of their journey. This application will also be essential in reducing pollution levels in Indore.

According to a press release, the alliance seeks to raise the standard of living for those living in rural India by making resources such as loans, seeds and technical support more accessible.

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