Indo-China tension: Chinese soldier captured in Ladakh

A Chinese soldier reportedly captured near Demchok area of Ladakh early Monday amid tensions between India and China along the Line of Actual control border seen last few months.

News agency ANI quoted sources as saying that this soldier may have inadvertently entered Indian territory. He will be returned to the Chinese Army according to established protocols following the procedure.

The tense situation on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) between India and China has been maintained since April. The tension reached its peak in June when the two forces came face to face in the Galvan Valley. 

During this period, 20 Indian soldiers were killed due to violent confrontation, while a large number of Chinese soldiers were also killed. 

Subsequently, on the intervening night of August 29 and 30, Indian troops regained control of the Mukhapari, Rejang La and Magar hills located around the southern bank of Pangong Lake after PLA troops tried to intimidate Indian soldiers in the area.

The Chinese army soldier will be returned to China as per established protocol and after the due procedure, India Today reported.

“Chinese Army soldier to be returned to China as per established protocol after filling due procedures,” Sources said.

Talks continue to reduce stress

Discussions are being held at the diplomatic and military level to reduce tensions between the two neighboring countries.

The foreign ministers of both countries have also held talks on the border dispute in Moscow, Russia some time ago. At the same time, so far, there have also been talks of military commander level seven times.

It is believed that the eighth round of talks could be held next week with a focus on advancing the process of withdrawal of troops from East Ladakh, where there are going to be severe winters in future.

India China during winter

Earlier an Indian Army official said that the situation on LAC remains the same. But now the cold is gradually increasing. In many places the temperature has reached minus 10 and in November-December it will be from minus 30 to minus 40. 

It is possible that China will reduce its number of soldiers at that time. The troops of India and China are face-to-face near Rijang La, Riching La, south side of Pangong Lake, near Finger-4 in the Finger Area, on the northern side of Pangong Lake in Eastern Ladakh