India should not be disturbed by our relations with Pakistan: Russia

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Russia has said that India should not be worried about Russia’s friendship with Pakistan. Russia also said that it is committed to strengthening relations with Pakistan.

Pakistan is a member country of the Shanghai Co-operation Organization (SCO). Agreement has been reached between Russia and Pakistan on military drill and trade cooperation.

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Roman Babushkin, deputy chief of the Russian mission, has said that Russia’s relations with Pakistan are independent and Russia values ​​the sentiments of other countries.

In a media briefing when Babushkin was asked about Russia’s military exercises and trade cooperation with Pakistan, he said, “We do not think India needs to be worried”.

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He said, “As far as respect for sensibilities is concerned, Russia is very cautious. But at the same time we see our relationship with Pakistan as independent in nature and we also have a bilateral trade and economic agenda. We are committed to further develop this relationship from the perspective of Pakistan being a partner country in the SCO framework.

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”Babushkin said that the fundamental principle of Russia’s foreign policy is to have bilateral relations, which are not intended to be against any other country. He said, “When it comes to cooperation with all the countries of the world including Pakistan and many other countries, we are following this very important principle.

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“The Russian diplomat also referred to the growing defense and security relations between India and Russia and also noted extensive mili…

“Russia is very conscious of the sensitivities of other countries. But we also respect our relationship with Pakistan. We have relationships under independent policies. There are bilateral trade relations between the two countries. We will forward this relationship to Pakistan Is committed to developing from the perspective of Pakistan because Pakistan is also a member country of the SCO. “

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He further said that the fundamental principle of Russia’s foreign policy is to deepen the bilateral relationship. There is no purpose to target any other country in this.

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