India-Nepal relationship high as Himalayas and as deep as Indian Ocean: CDS Rawat

Chief of Defense General Bipin Rawat compared the strong relationship between Neighboring Nepal and India with the height of the Himalayas and the depth of the Indian Ocean. He also advised Nepal to be vigilant with China. 

He said that India’s goodwill with Nepal is not linked to any door. He advised Nepal that it can function independently in international affairs. He should be cautious while learning from Sri Lanka and those other countries. 

General Rawat said that Nepal should learn from other countries, which have also entered into agreements with other countries of the region. Emphasizing the strong relationship between India and Nepal, Chief of Defense Staff General Bipin Rawat said on Thursday, “The relationship between the two countries is as high as the Himalayas and as deep as the Indian Ocean”. Without naming China, he alerted Kathmandu about compromising with other countries in the region, and said that signing agreements with other countries should be done with careful consideration. 

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As far as investment is concerned, India has more than 30 per cent of foreign direct investment in Nepal. Also, 150 Indian ventures are being operated in various regions of Nepal. Such as manufacturing, services, banking, insurance, education, telecom, power sector and tourism industry. CDS Rawat reiterated the importance of bilateral relations between the two countries and said that India and Nepal are unique and have existed for centuries. There is a strong and strong connection between them.

It is noteworthy that the Indo-Nepal border has been closed since last March due to Corona virus infection and there is no hope of opening it. However, an appeal has been made by both the countries to the Indian and Nepalese embassies.

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