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India is planning a ‘surgical strike’ against Pakistan says Pakistan foreign Minister

Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has said that he has come to know from intelligence sources that India is planning a ‘surgical strike’ against Pakistan. He said that India is thinking of doing this to divert people’s attention from its internal situation and the condition of Kashmir administered by India.

During the press conference in the UAE capital Abu-Dhabi, Qureshi said that the purpose of his press conference was to give necessary information to Pakistanis and international fraternity.

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He said that if India does any such thing, then Pakistan will give its full and smashing answer.

Qureshi said that Pakistan has also informed many important countries about this apprehension and has shared that intelligence with them so that they too become aware of India’s plans.

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He said that apart from this, there are protests against minorities against discriminatory practices and discriminatory laws all over India, that is why India intends to do such (alleged surgical strikes) to divert the attention of the world from this situation.

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Qureshi said that Pakistan had also warned the international fraternity last month by giving a dossier that India was spreading terror in Pakistan and cited a recent report by the EU Disinformab that said that Western countries have been in the past 15 years A network is going on that aims to discredit Pakistan at the international level and to benefit the interests of Bharata.

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He said that if India did any such irresponsible act, the peace and stability of the region, including the Afghan peace process, could pose a serious threat.

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After Shah Mahmood Qureshi’s press conference, Mohammad Yousuf, the special assistant to Prime Minister Imran Khan in matters of national security, made several tweets and carried forward the statement of the foreign minister, saying that India’s restlessness has risen to ridiculous levels if he understands that It can attack Pakistan which is a nuclear power.

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