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India and China will hold 9th round of talks on border dispute today

After more than two months of ‘high-level military dialogue’ between India and China, the ninth round of Corps-Commander-level talks will begin today.

The goal of this meeting is to find a solution to the tension in East-Ladakh for nine months. It has been told that like the last few meetings, representatives of the Ministry of External Affairs will also be a part of this meeting.

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The meeting will be held in front of India’s Chushul sector, in the molds towards China. The last military meeting between the two sides took place on 6 November in which India explicitly asked China to withdraw its troops.

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It is hoped that a written agreement may be reached between the two parties in this negotiation.

At the Foreign Ministry level talks on December 18, 2020, the two countries said that ‘they are ready to continue working towards ensuring the withdrawal of troops from all tense places along the Line of Actual Control’.

Recently, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh had said in an interview that ‘Unless China withdraws its troops, India will not take back its soldiers.’

The Defense Minister also said that India is developing infrastructure in the border areas very fast and China has also raised objections to some projects. Rajnath Singh said in an interview to a TV news channel, “The number of soldiers will not be reduced. India will not reduce the deployment of troops until China starts this process. ”

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On the question of the negotiation process with China on this issue, he said, “There is no deadline set on issues like ongoing stalemate.” You cannot set a date. “The Defense Minister said,” We are confident of finding a solution through dialogue. “

The dispute started after a violent clash between the soldiers of the two countries in the Galwan Valley on 15 June 2020.

20 Indian soldiers were killed in this skirmish, while China never made public the number of its dead soldiers.

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