India and China should stop doubting each other: China’s Foreign Minister

China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi has said that India and China should stop doubting each other.

On Sunday, the foreign minister of the neighbouring country said that China and India should stop harming each other to resolve their border disputes. 

He said that both countries should create a conducive environment to resolve the issues while increasing bilateral cooperation.

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Wang Yi said that border disputes are not entirely responsible for the relationship between China and India. Both countries are partners but they should stop doubting each other.

Wang Yi said this in his annual press conference in response to a question.

According to the news of the Indian Express , Wang Yi said that “the border dispute is a product of history. It is not solely responsible for the Sino-India relationship.” 

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According to the newspaper, Wang Yi said that India and China have a similar or closer stance on many issues and due to the same national reality, this is why three more India are friends of each other and not a threat or rival.

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Wang Sunday said the boundary dispute was “an issue left from history,” and “not the whole story of the China-India relationship” and that both countries were friends and partners who should shed mutual suspicion. This is a reiteration of Beijing’s approach in the wake of the ongoing border standoff.

Answering a question on how Beijing viewed the relationship with India, Wang said:

“It is important the two sides manage disputes properly and at the same time expand and enhance cooperation to create enabling conditions for the settlement of the issue.”

Wang, also a State Councillor, did not refer to the disengagement. His statements were tweeted by Chinese Ambassador to India Sun Weidong.

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Wang said the world expects both China and India to safeguard the common interests of developing countries and advance multipolarity in the world. The similar national conditions of the two countries, he said, mean that they share the same or similar positions on many major issues.

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“Therefore,” Wang stressed, “China and India are each other’s friends and partners, not threats or rivals…The two sides need to help each other to succeed instead of undercutting each other. We should intensify cooperation instead of harbouring suspicion at each other.”

Without directly mentioning the Ladakh standoff, Wang said, “the right and wrongs at what happened at the border area last year are clear, so are the stakes involved.”

“We are committed to settling the boundary dispute through dialogue and consultation. At the same time we are resolved to safeguarding our sovereign rights,” he said.

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