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India and China agreed to build a new hotline

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The foreign ministers of India and China held a 75-minute conversation over the phone and agreed to set up a new hotline to ensure “timely communication” in the wake of last year’s border tension, although relations may improve in the future Both had different views about doing.

Indian Foreign Minister S Jaishankar told his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi that “last year bilateral relations were severely affected and it would take time for the border issue to be resolved” and “of course other obstacles including unrest and violence have negatively impacted the relationship.”

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He stressed that in order to normalize the border relations, first the complete disengagement and the work of reducing the tension on the border will have to be done.

The Indian Ministry of External Affairs quoted him as saying, “To reduce tensions between the forces in this sector, disengages need to be done at all points of confrontation. Only this can restore peace and create a state of progress in bilateral relations. ”

At the same time, Wang Yi underlined how the two sides viewed the impact of the border dispute on border relations differently. He said, “India saw some instability in China policy and things like not keeping its word” which “impacted the practical cooperation between the two countries.”

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Decades of experience have consistently shown that increasing disagreements does not solve problems, and only weakens the basis of mutual trust.” At the same time, he said that “both sides should avoid the wrong path of mutual misunderstandings and suspicions” and “to properly handle the boundary issue to prevent bilateral relations from becoming negative”.

He added, “It is a fact that there are border disputes between the two countries, which should be taken seriously, but this is not the only one in the China-India relationship and it should be put in proper place in the overall bilateral relations.”

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But India made it clear that it does not look at separating the border dispute from relations, and said that in its view, the rest of the relationship can only grow if there is a situation of peace on the border.

However, after last year’s tensions, China expressed resentment over India’s steps like banning Chinese apps and tightening investment and said that “the approach of the entire government of India may not be unanimous but go against the previous consensus of cooperation.” Has been. “

S Jaishankar said that after the completion of the disengagement in Pangog Tso (lake) area, both sides should now resolve the remaining issues of LAC as soon as possible and that “after the settlement is completed at all the points of confrontation, both sides will be able to resolve the boundary between the forces in the area. One should also consider reducing stress and work towards restoring peace.”

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Wang Yi said that the situation on the ground has calmed down considerably and called on both sides to preserve the situation achieved after hard work and to maintain progress, continue negotiations, reduce tensions, and border management. And asked to improve the control mechanism.

He said, “The two sides insisted on advancing the border talks to maintain mutual trust and peace in the border areas.”

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