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Home ยป Incidents of drowning in water can increase by 50 percent

Incidents of drowning in water can increase by 50 percent

Incidents of drowning

Ground Report | New Delhi: Incidents of drowning; The World Health Organization (WHO) has said in a report that in countries where the incidence of extreme weather (sudden floods, cloudbursts, etc.) is increasing, the incidence of drowning in water can increase by 50%.

The latest report of WHO says that in the year 2019, more than 70 thousand people died due to drowning in Southeast Asia an average of 191 people died every day. Ten countries of South East Asia include India, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Thailand, Maldives, and Timor Leste. 

More than a third of those who died were under the age of 15. Timor Leste (5.8) and Thailand (5.5) are the worst among those who die of drunk driving per 100,000 every year, while Indonesia (1.8) is the best. In the list of WHO, India is at number six among those who die of Drowning per one lakh. 

In the year 2019, there was an average of 3.8 deaths for every one lakh according to India’s population (136 crore), a total of 51,680 people died due to drowning this year. Among those who died, 34% were women and 66% were men. The highest risk of drowning is in people under the age of 14, with 30% of them.

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Incidents of drowning

The WHO in its report has given the figure of 70,034 people in the year 2019 but has also said that the actual death toll could be much higher because deaths in areas prone to extreme weather events or disasters have not been included in this. . Southeast Asia is at great risk of these climate-induced disasters or unforeseen weather events. According to the report, the death toll due to Drowning in such countries can increase by up to 50%.

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In the preface to the report, Takeshi Kasai, WHO’s regional director for the Western Pacific, said: “Drowning in the Western Pacific is associated with a higher risk of HIV/AIDS, meningitis, malaria, dengue, malnutrition, respiratory disease, and hepatitis than those under 15 years of age. more children are killed. Joint. However, the largest proportion (34%) of drowning deaths occur in people 65 years of age and older, with men bearing a greater burden of drowning than women.

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The study noted that there are large disparities in drowning rates in the Western Pacific, with low-middle income countries having rates nearly four times higher than high-income countries.

The report noted that the drowning rate in the region’s low-middle-income countries is nearly four times higher than in its high-income countries.

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