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In Figures: Indian students in different countries

Indian students in different countries; The Russian invasion of Ukraine has caused a mass exodus of civilians, including thousands

By Ground Report
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In Figures: Indian students in different countries

Ground Report | New Delhi: Indian students in different countries; The Russian invasion of Ukraine has caused a mass exodus of civilians, including thousands of international students from India.

According to the government, the number of Indian students studying outside the country is set to grow to 11 lakh 33 thousand in a couple of years.

According to government data, there are a total of 86 countries where Indian students are studying. Of these, 36 are from Asia, 32 from Europe, 8 from Africa, 6 from South America and 2-2 from North America and Australia.

More than 50% of Indian students study in North America. More than 90000 Indian students study in Asia as well as Australia. Although Indian students are in 32 different countries of Europe, their number is only 52116.

As per data, 219,000 Indian students are studying in UAE the highest for any country. 215,720 students are studying in Canada the second-highest for any country. 211,930 students are studying in the USA.

Two states, Punjab and Andhra Pradesh account for nearly a quarter of Indian students studying abroad. They along with Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Gujarat constitute 55% of Indian students in foreign countries.

According to MEA (Ministry of External Affairs), in 2020 alone 261,406 Indian students went abroad. Though this number was half the number experienced in 2019 (588,931), the Ministry of External Affairs called it a higher number keeping in mind the ongoing pandemic. At present, 71,769 students have been reported by MAE to go abroad for study purposes by 28/2021.

Emerging vaccination plans and different unlock policies around the world have made it easier for students to plan their travels. Additionally, it was also observed that the post-pandemic education system came with a drastic change in the mindset of the students. During the pandemic, the functioning of institutions went hybrid or completely online, leading to a change in the expectations of the students.

Key Highlights

●       Abroad is on students' prior choice due to their availability of better healthcare facilities.

●       Education loans were preferred by 60% of the students.

●       Most of the students planned their abroad education in a span of 3 months whereas some of them had it planned for many years.

●       Due to the vaccination facility provided to international students by the UK government, substantial growth in the number of applications is observed.

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