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Imran Khan hopes for peace from India

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that “our only issue with India is about Kashmir and India should take initiative for peace”.

Emphasizing trade with neighbors like India, Imran Khan said that “If India takes initiative, if Kashmir issue is resolved”, then the entire region will get the benefit.

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Imran Khan’s statement has come at a time when there are signs of Pakistan’s tensions with India coming down. A month ago, the border commanders of India and Pakistan agreed that the ceasefire would be followed. Also, a team of players from Pakistan will come to India after many years and the Indus river water agreement will also be discussed next week.

Not only this, on the issue of Afghanistan, the Foreign Ministers of India and Pakistan have been invited to the regional conference to be held in Dushambay on 30 March. This will be the first time after 2019 when top officials of both countries can meet.

Imran Khan said in ‘Islamabad Security Dialogue’ on Wednesday that “It is very unfortunate with India that we tried to resolve our issues with dialogue like civilized neighbors, but it did not work.” Our only issue is with Kashmir.

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Imran Khan had said the same thing when he visited Colombo in February. He said that “India removed and divided Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir, which was a major setback, due to which relations were completely broken and Pakistan ended all business relations with India”.

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Imran Khan says, India will also benefit from more business and connectivity to Central Asia. Kashmir is the only issue that is holding us back. We will do our best, but India will have to take the initiative. Till he does not do this, we will not move forward.

It has been specially underlined in the news that Imran Khan’s tone was soft on India. Earlier on Monday, India’s Foreign Secretary Harsh Shringla also spoke softly about Pakistan, without mentioning Pakistan-sponsored extremism.

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