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If you do not accept new terms of WhatsApp, your account will be deleted

If the WhatsApp user does not accept his new terms before the deadline of 15 May, then after that he will not be

By Ground report
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बिना इजाजत कोई नहीं कर पाएगा आपको WhatsApp ग्रुप में एड, करें ये सेटिंग

If the WhatsApp user does not accept his new terms before the deadline of 15 May, then after that he will not be able to send or receive any message until he accepts the conditions.

Their account will appear "Inactive". And the inactive account will be deleted after 120 days.

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Phones and notifications will keep coming "for some time" but, according to TechCrunch's report, it's probably only "a few weeks" .

WhatsApp told about the update in January. After this, many users expressed resentment. These users thought that this means, WhatsApp is now planning to share more data with its parent company Facebook.

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WhatsApp later clarified that this will not happen, but this update is actually linked to business accounts.

WhatsApp already shares some information with Facebook, such as the IP address of the users (it is a sequence of numbers associated with every device connecting to the Internet, it can also be used to find the location of the device) And also shares information about purchasing through the platform in advance.

But in Europe and the UK he does not do this. There are different privacy laws in these countries.

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After the initial announcement, WhatsApp users were beginning to explore other options for encrypted-messaging service, after which the demand for platforms like Telegram and Signal suddenly increased.

WhatsApp postponed the initial date of applying the update and now it has also changed the way users are informed about it.

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