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I hate word Karachi, shiv Sena leader tells Bandra’s ‘Karachi Sweets’ to change name

A video of Shiv Sena leader Nitin Nandgaonkar is viral in which he asked the owner of a Bandra West-based ‘Karachi Sweets’ shop in Bandra West to change the name of his shop.

In this video clip, Shiv Sena leader Nitin Nandgaonkar is asking to use another word instead of the word Karachi in the name of the shop Karachi Sweets. Their conversation is in Marathi.

 He says in the video that he hates the word Karachi. Because Karachi is a place in Pakistan. This time the shop owner tells him that his forefather was from Pakistan.

 However, when India-Pakistan was partitioned, his family settled in India. On this Nandgaonkar says you are welcome here. But you have to change the name of the shop. You can put your father’s name or any name in Marathi. 

Meanwhile, the shop owner tries to convince Nandgaonkar that the shop has nothing to do with Karachi. But even after that, Nandgaonkars who came to Shiv Sena from MNS are not ready to listen to anything. 

I hate the word Karachi because it is a place for terrorists. Therefore, this word should not be used for any kind of business, says Shiv Sena leader. You name the shop after yourself, name your father, name your grandfather. But why Karachi? You must rename the store. “We are giving you time for this,” he told the shopkeeper.

Meanwhile, after a while, the shopkeeper covers the name of his shop with a newspaper. 

In January 2009, Mumbai police arrested six Maharashtra Navnirman Sena leaders for sending notices to Mulund-based Karachi Sweets. The MNS had asked him to change his name. “After the terrorist attack, the people of our country do not want to have anything to do with Pakistan,” said MNS leader Shishir Shinde. 

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