I am facing life threats from my daughter, alleges Shehla Rashid’s father

Abdul Rashid Shora has filed a police complaint against JNU’s research scholar Shehla Rashid. Shehla’s father Abdul says his daughter Shehla is involved in anti-national activities and is threatening to kill her. Abdul has demanded an inquiry against Shehla. Abdul Rashid Shora has made a written complaint to the DGP of Jammu and Kashmir seeking security cover. 

Rashid, a resident of Chanapora, Srinagar, has filed a complaint with the DGP JK in Jammu.

In a letter written to Jammu and Kashmir DGP, Shehla’s father Abdul Rashid Shora claimed that Shehla took Rs three crore in cash to join Kashmir centric politics from ‘notorious people’. He has asked for an investigation of her bank accounts.

In a letter written to DGP, J&K, Abdul Rashid Shora claimed that Shehla took 3 Crores in cash to join Kashmir centric politics from ‘notorious people’.

In his complaint, Abdul Rashid has demanded an inquiry against Shehla Rashid. Abdul said in a written complaint to the DGP, Jammu and Kashmir Police that he is facing death threats from his daughter as he is being threatened with death by his daughter. 

Along with this, he has also requested for his protection from DGP. Abdul Rashid has written in a letter to the DGP claiming that Shehla as well as his elder daughter Asma Rashid, his wife Zubeida Shora and one of the security guards, Saqib Ahmed, are involved in the case.

Abdul Rashid has claimed that for a meeting by Zahoor Vatali and Rashid Engineer (former MLA) at Vatali’s residence in Sanat Nagar, Srinagar in June 2017, just two months before the arrest of Zahoor Vatali in the Terror Funding case under UAPA.

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He was called. At the time Shehla was in the final semester of her PhD in Sociology, when we met she revealed to me the launch of the JKPM party and urged me to cooperate to include Shehla Rashid in the scheme.

Rashid, who says that he was forced to shift to Jammu for safety of his life, said that the threat perception started in 2017 when Shela Rashid jumped all of a sudden into Kashmir politics.

“The plot of launch of JKPM was revealed to me by these persons and they offered me Rs 3 crore to join these people. I felt the money is coming for illegal channels and shall be used for unlawful activities; I didn’t take the money and asked my daughter to not indulge in such transactions with these people,” he alleges in the letter.

“However, Shehla accepted to have taken the amount in Delhi, and I should not disclose my meetings with Vatali and Er Rashid. I objected to her decision for joining these notorious people. I strongly believe that anti-national activities are going on in my house. My daughter, wife and Sakib Ahmad (who carries a pistol with him and lately threatened me) are the characters,” he mentions in the complaint.

He says that Shehla and her mother hatched a conspiracy to throw me out of the house by filing a complaint against me in domestic violence in a local court.

“Despite the court order from to stay in my house, police failed to implement the court order and restore me in my house. I went to my house myself with the court order wherein I was threatened by life by Sakib Ahmad and his armed associates. Fearing for my life, I shifted to Jammu for safety,” he said.

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He had appealed to the DGP to intervene and investigate into the matter, bank details of Shehla and his wife and daughter and Sakib.

“Property acquired by them in New Delhi, their email accounts and their mysterious financial dealings with Feroze Peerzada, Zahoor Vatali and Er Rashid and the notorious activities done by them in the name of Empowerment of Women and Social Justice NGO must be probed,” he mentions in the letter. 

Abdul Shora further said- I am sure that anti-national activities are going on in my house. Shakib, my daughters, wife and Shehla’s security guard are also involved in this conspiracy. 

Shakib also threatened me with his pistol. Due to my protest, Shehla and her mother conspired to expel me from the house and threatened to kill her. Therefore, I request that my personal safety be ensured. Along with this, the ‘mysterious financial deal’ between them should be investigated.

Who is Shehla Rashid?

Shehla Rashid is a research scholar of JNU. Became vice-president of the university’s student union in 2015-16. In March this year, Shah Faisal’s party joined the Jammu and Kashmir People’s Movement. Shah Faisal is a former IAS who quit his job to form his own party.


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