Human rights most threatened at police station: CJI Ramana

Ground Report | New Delhi: Human rights most threatened; Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of India Justice NV Ramana said in a statement on Sunday that police stations are the biggest threat to human rights and human dignity. Justice Ramana said that human rights are the most sacred.

The Chief Justice said that despite constitutional guarantees, torture and death in police custody are still prevalent. He said, “The biggest threat to human rights and human dignity are the police stations. Going by the recent reports, even the privileged are not able to escape third-degree treatment.

Justice Ramana said that a person in police custody does not have immediate legal aid and the first hour of custody usually decides what will happen to the accused. Justice Ramana said these things in the program of releasing the National Legal Service Authority app at Vigyan Bhawan, Delhi.

Addressing the fellow judges, Justice Ramana said that the deprived section of the country is outside the purview of the system of justice. He said that if the judiciary has to win the trust of the poor and downtrodden, it has to prove that it exists for those people.

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“If the judiciary wants to win the trust of citizens, then we have to make everyone feel that we exist. For the longest time, the marginalized population has been living outside the purview of the justice system. Justice Ramana accepted that costly and delayed justice discourages poor people from taking refuge in the law. He said that this is also the biggest challenge before the justice system.

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Human rights most threatened

He said that if we want to remain in a society governed by the rule of law, then we have to bridge the gap between the underprivileged and the privileged and give justice to all with barbarism. He also said that our history cannot decide our future and we should remember that the reality of the social and economic system of the country cannot be the reason for not giving rights to anyone.

Justice Ramana also underlined the digital divide existing in the country or the gap in access of the internet to the population and said that he has written to the government seeking to bridge the digital gap, He said, “Let us together dream of a future in which there is equal reality. The Access to Justice (Access to Justice) project is a long mission.

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Speaking at the National Legal Service Authority (NALSA) program, Justice Ramana also said that disseminating information about constitutional rights is also necessary to check police harassment.

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He said that the right to legal aid and free legal aid is essential to stop the harassment. “Bar display boards and hoardings at all police stations and jails is a step in the right direction,” he said. Ramana also released the app started to provide legal help to the people on this occasion.

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