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How to keep your house cool, without using AC?

House cool without using AC; India is known for its sweltering heat waves. So far this year, temperatures have risen above 45 degrees Celsius

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How to keep your house cool, without using AC?

India is known for its sweltering heat waves. So far this year, temperatures have risen above 40 degrees Celsius on countless occasions, with the humidex reaching as high as 45.

In the hottest months of the year, it's tempting to turn on the air conditioning or curl up in front of the fan, but you might be interested to know that there are plenty of ways to keep the heat at bay without skyrocketing your electricity bill. Feel like a genius and take note:

Tips to keep your house cool without air conditioning this summer.

Ventilate the house

It is necessary to ventilate the house, even with the heat that it is outside, so it is best to do it at times of the day when the heat allows it, first thing in the morning or at night.

Create a dark environment

So that the heat does not leak into the house, it is advisable to create a dark environment by keeping the blinds down, as well as the curtains, especially at central hours.


Check that there are no problems in the closures of the windows of your home that facilitate the entry of more heat than expected. Thermal insulation in the windows will also prevent your house from being too cold in winter.

Plants inside the house

Plants cool spaces and provide moisture to the environment. Both on the ground and on shelves, having a plant indoors is a good idea.

Avoid sources of heat

That is, turn off all electronic devices that are not needed at that time, since no matter how small they are, they emit heat. It is recommended that electrical appliances be in rooms isolated from the rest of the home Isolate the kitchen from the rest of the home so that the heat produced when cooking or using the rest of the electrical appliances does not pass into the rest of the rooms.

Creation of currents

Leave windows in opposite rooms open to generate power at night. It is important to take advantage of the night air to cool the house.


Fans move hot air creating a breezy feeling. They are a necessary option at specific times, although they do not cool the house.

Light cotton sheets

Many times the heat affects us more at night, which is when we should feel more comfortable sleeping. Light cotton sheets allow air to pass through and we don't notice them as heavy, which is why they are our great allies against the heat.

Fresh dishes without much cooking

It is obvious that in summer we are not going to eat stew or soup and that we prefer fresher dishes, but we must also be careful with what we cook: a pasta salad forces us to boil the water for a long time and a pizza makes us turn on the oven for several minutes. We must avoid generating this type of heat.

Cold drinks

Not only do you have to refresh the house. What we drink also plays a huge role in our temperature and how we perceive heat. Cold drinks help us feel cooler.

Fabrics with light colours

Light colours give a feeling of freshness. Just as we change our clothes in summer, our house must also be dressed according to the temperature. Try to use light colours for sofa covers, curtains, sheets and rugs.

Avoid using the oven excessively

Following the line of the previous tips, we recommend you avoid excessive use of the oven. This appliance is not the one that consumes the most light, but it is the one that generates the most heat in the kitchen.

Instead of dishes cooked on the grill, you can opt for fresher preparations such as cold salads, typical of summer.

Let the air in at night

The last infallible trick to prevent heat from taking over your home is to also ventilate it at night. Both in the morning and at night the temperatures drop and you can take the opportunity to refresh your home.

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