How Homegrown creative agency steal work of photography?

Homegrown an online publication and a creative agency steal the work of a Photographer, Twitter user Anusha Raichur tweeted how HomegrownIn steal pictures of her brother.

In a Tweet she wrote “Just another example of how unethical @HomegrownIn is. They blatantly stole my brothers work for an article written by Samyukta Sunil. RT please! I urge Homegrown to take it down and and refrain from constantly engaging in copyright theft.”

She further wrote “Samyukta Sunil didn’t get in touch with Sameer either. CONSENT IS EVERYTHING! Every writer on my list, if there are images being used in your article, please ensure that the photographer/artist is suitably informed, reimbursed and credited.”

Sameer Raichur in a Facebook post said “I just noticed this instance of copyright theft by Homegrown , an article on their website, written by Samyuktha Sunil, has used 3 of my images without consent. My artist statement has also been (badly) paraphrased. I was not contacted by Homegrown or the author, seeking permission to use my work. The article has been up on their website for almost a year now. Team Homegrown , please take down this article and desist from such shoddy and unscrupulous editorial standards in the future.”

According to the Copyright Act, 1957, a copyright is a legal right granted to a person for a limited period of time for his authentic and original work for publication, licence, assignment etc. The essential ingredient that fulfils the purpose of copyright is “idea”.

Angry Netizens Lash Out against Homegrown and say this is blatant plagiarism.


Another user wrote “@HomegrownIn is this the way you do your business by stealing someone else’s work without giving them their due credits & even seek their permissions? This is an intellectual theft.”

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