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How does Karauli Baba Santosh Singh Bhadoria make people fool?

How does Karauli Baba Santosh Singh Bhadoria make people fool?

Karauli Sarkar Baba, also known as Santosh Singh Bhadoria, a spiritual leader who has been at the center of controversy, is facing a new complaint from a doctor based in Noida.

The doctor has accused Baba of getting his assistant to physically assault him. Baba claims to possess miraculous powers to cure people and perform exorcisms.

In the video, a doctor asked a spiritual leader named Karauli Baba to demonstrate his supposed miraculous powers. The Baba repeated some hymns upon Siddharth’s request, but Siddharth claimed to feel no effect. This angered Karauli Baba.

Siddharth Chaudhary has reported that on February 22, 2023, he visited Karauli Dham and asked the spiritual leader, Baba, to demonstrate his supposed miraculous powers. Baba chanted some mantras, but Siddharth did not feel any effects.

Baba repeated the mantra several more times, but Siddharth maintained that he did not feel any different. Baba became angry and reprimanded Siddharth, then ordered his bouncers to remove him from the premises.

According to a report by The Quint, Siddharth was then taken by Karauli Baba’s bouncers and beaten with iron rods and weapons, resulting in serious head injuries. The spiritual leader and his associates have been charged under Sections 323, 504, and 325 of the Indian Penal Code.

ACP Dinesh Kumar Shukla said that there has been an allegation made by Noida resident Dr. Siddharth Chowdhary that he was assaulted and verbally abused by Karauli Baba and his supporters. A case has been registered and the matter is currently under discussion. Further action will be taken based on any additional facts that are uncovered.

Who is Karauli Baba Santosh Singh Bhadoria?

Santosh Singh Bhadoria, originally from Unnao in Uttar Pradesh, became well-known during the farmers’ movement. Following the murder of Kisan Union leader Santram Singh, Bhadoria was appointed as the leader of the Sarsol area of Kanpur by farmer leader Mahendra Singh Tikait, who passed away in May 2011.

However, he has also faced criticism and accusations of fraud, physical abuse, and exploitation of his followers. In recent news, he has been accused of assaulting a man who requested to see his miraculous powers, and he and his associates have been booked under Indian Penal Code sections for the alleged assault.

Crime History of Santosh Singh Bhadoria

According to reports, Santosh Singh Bhadoria has a history of criminal cases against him. Between 1992-95, he faced several charges, including murder and consumption of CLA. He reportedly became a farmers’ leader as a way to evade police scrutiny before he started illegally occupying lands.

He has also faced allegations of illegally occupying church land in the Kotwali police station area. Despite his criminal history, he has gained a significant following through his YouTube channel, Karauli Baba, where he posts videos of supposedly solving problems with mantras.

In August 1994, he faced NSA (National Security Act) action on the orders of the then-District Magistrate Dinesh Singh, although he claimed to have been a Kisan Union activist since 1989 and later sent a letter to the Home Secretary requesting to remove the NSA.

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