How Convenient Are LONGER’s Products and Services?

When looking for a befitting organization to supply you with needed utilities, you have to weigh how convenient their products and services are. Convenience is crucial, as it guarantees you an excellent shopping experience and the product’s high degree of functionality.

We put LONGER under our scrutiny to see how user-friendly it is. This company deals in laser engravers, 3D printers and their extras. It is a Chinese firm, with a website for easy shopping. We are glad to present you with attributes and features of this firm’s website and manner of operation that shows its convenience.

The Easy-To-Use Online Platform

You will handle most of your shopping from LONGER’s online platform. You will notice the site’s excellent usability, boosted by elements like a well-organized homepage. The icons are easy to access, making navigation effortless. Additionally, the site loads fast, another hint of its convenience.

You can access the platform with various browsers, even when using your smartphone. The platform’s color scheme is calming, courtesy of the mild colors used. Shouting colors on the homepage can put some people off.

The Products’ Quality

You should never compromise on quality when looking for a laser engraver or 3D printer. LONGER’s products are of high quality, with necessary certifications to show that they meet various set standards. For instance, the products have RoHS certification, meaning that they are safe for use and pose no risks to the environment. Other certifications are UL, CE and FCC.

The Blog Section

If you are using LONGER’s services for the first time, you should visit the blog section to learn more about the company, its products and services. You can check out the Academy or Latest News sections, where you find plenty of informative articles.

Product Description

It is common to buy a product without looking at its description; thus, leading to several complaints about its functionality. LONGER’s products have a comprehensive description, which includes features, functionality and a tutorial.

For example, when buying the LONGER LK4 Pro 3D printer, you realize the description includes features, a video tutorial and customer reviews. The reviews are important, as you know what to expect when you unbox the utility.

The Smartphone App for The Laser Engravers

The LONGER Ray 5 line consists of the 5W and 10W laser engravers, which are some of the best in the market. If you buy the engravers, you have to download the MKSLaser app, which supports iOS and Android smartphones. 

With this app on your device, you can remotely operate the engraver. It implements commands like file transfer, specifying the homing position, starting and finalizing engraving.

An Efficient Support Team

No need to worry if you encounter any drawback when using LONGER’s products or platform, as a 24/7 customer support team is readily available to tackle your problems. Reach the support center by sending an email or calling for more urgent situations.


LONGER spare no effort in being the most convenient partner, as evident from this article. Visit its online platform for awesome deals on 3D printers, laser engravers and their respective accessories.

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