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Hope Article 370 will be restored in J&K with China's support: Farooq Abdullah

Jammu and Kashmir Farooq Abdullah said that he hoped that Article 370 would be implemented again with the support of China.

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"कश्मीर गांधी के भारत में शामिल हुआ था, न कि मोदी के भारत में।"

Former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir and Member of Parliament Farooq Abdullah has said that he hoped that Article 370 would be implemented again in Jammu and Kashmir with the support of China. He said "as far as China is concerned, I have never called the President of China here. Our Wazir-e-Azam (Prime Minister) called him in Gujarat, made him sit on the swing, took him to Chennai as well, fed him a lot there.

Farooq Abdullah in a conversation with India Today said that unless you restore article 370, we are not going to stop, because now you have got this open matter. May Allah help our people and Articles 370 and 35A be restored. ''

Further speaking on the Centre's decision on Jammu and Kashmir, Farooq Abdullah said that "what the government had done on August 5 was unacceptable". Farooq Abdullah further said that he was not even allowed to speak on the problems of Jammu and Kashmir in Parliament.

Article 370, combined with Article 35A, accorded Jammu and Kashmir special status under the Constitution of India, allowing it to have a separate constitution and a separate penal code among other legal distinctions.

He said that the people of the country should know how people are actually living and what is the situation there? Has he moved forward or back with the rest of the country? During the Parliament session, Farooq Abdullah said that the situation in Kashmir has still not improved. Rest of the country is using 4G internet and 5G is going to come, but the situation in Kashmir is that people still depend on 2G there.

He said how the youth will move in this way. Want to tell the country about the situation there. Why are we not providing the facilities that other people are getting? How do we proceed? The era has changed. Parliament had passed two resolutions on August 5 last year.

The first rendered Article 370 inoperative in Jammu and Kashmir by applying the power granted under the same Article of the Constitution. The second resolution was for bifurcation of the state of Jammu and Kashmir into two Union Territories -- Jammu and Kashmir, and Ladakh.

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