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Hindu family tortured for taking water from a mosque in Pakistan

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Ground Report | New Delhi: Hindu family tortured; A poor Hindu peasant family is in trouble after taking drinking water from a mosque in Pakistan’s Punjab province as some people tortured and took them hostage to desecrate a religious place.

Hindu family tortured

The incident happened a few days ago when Alam Ram Bhil, a resident of Kahoor Khan, a suburb of the city, was picking raw cotton in a field along with his wife and other family members.

Bhil said, when the family went outside a nearby mosque to fetch drinking water from a tap, they were beaten up by some local landlords and their men. When the relatives were returning home after taking off the harvested cotton, the landlords took them, hostage, outside their house and tortured them again.

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According to the newspaper, Peter asked other members of the district peace committee to convene an emergency meeting on the issue but they did not take the matter seriously. Yudhisthira Chauhan, general secretary of the PTI’s South Punjab minority wing, said the incident had come to his notice but he did not intervene due to the influence of a ruling party MP. District Police Officer Asad Sarfraz said he was looking into the matter.

extremely poor

Deputy Commissioner Dr. Khurram Shehzad said he would meet the elders of the Hindu community on Monday before taking any action. Asked about the inactive peace committee, the official claimed that it was fully operational.

Farooq Rind, a senior lawyer and former district bar president, said he also hails from the Basti Kahur area, where the Bhils have lived for a century. “Most of the people in the community are farm laborers and extremely poor,” he said.

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Rind said the accused landlord was notorious for fighting minor issues with other villagers. The newspaper said that the lawyer promised free legal aid to the complainant’s family. Hindus are the largest minority community in Pakistan.

According to official estimates, there are 7.5 million Hindus in Pakistan, the community, there are more than 9 million Hindus in the country.

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