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High tech preparation for PLA soldiers on border: China

China has said that high-tech preparations has made for its People's Liberation Army (PLA) personnel posted at the height of the border.

By Ground Report
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High tech preparation for PLA soldiers on border: China

Ground Report| News Desk| China has said that high-tech preparations has made for its People's Liberation Army (PLA) personnel posted at the height of the border.

Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Colonel Wu Chien on Thursday shared information about the new items of soldiers deployed along the border but did not name India.

However, it is clearly understood that this has been done due to the ongoing deadlock between the two countries in eastern Ladakh.

Information shared by the military officer shows that the ruling Communist Party of China (CPC) is looking towards a long deadlock in the border areas.

Wu said, "Recently the Logistics Support Department of the Central Military Commission (China's top military unit headed by President Xi Jinping) and other related departments have made some new reforms and adopted high-tech methods. Hitech means high plateaus and The conditions of living and training of officers and jawans deployed in the climate of the mountains have to be improved. "

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Wu said that a self-powered shelter is being provided for the soldiers to stay, which will keep it warm, it can be made by officers and soldiers themselves and it is self-sufficient in terms of energy.

"In areas where the outside temperature is minus 40 degrees Celsius and the altitude is more than 5,000 meters, the temperature inside these shelters can be guaranteed above 15 degrees Celsius," Wu said.

Apart from this, the military spokesman said that new sleeping bags, cold-proof shoes have also been made for the soldiers. Also, new thermal insulation equipment for food storage and a new type of instant foods are going on trial for very cold hilly areas.

Wu added that the new thermal insulation devices for food storage and new-type outdoor instant foods for alpine cold areas are under trial.

“In addition, a batch of new-type insulated vegetable cellars with moisture-proof, anti-freeze, and fresh-keeping functions have been built and put into use. The UAVs are also being used to deliver fresh fruits and vegetables to duty posts to overcome the inconvenience in materials replenishment,” Wu added.

Through matching varieties, this series of outfits could provide solutions to the real combat needs under different environment conditions, from alpine cold areas on plateau, to high humidity and high temperature areas, or to areas with large temperature difference spans,” the PLA website report added

However During the 2 + 2 meeting between India and the US, the US had told India on Tuesday that the whole world was watching India face to face with China and any hesitation by India hurt efforts to keep an eye on China's expansionist agenda. Will deliver.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo gave his Indian counterpart S.K. This was said in a conversation with Jaishankar and Defense Minister Rajnath Singh.

US Defense Minister Mark Asper was also present in this meeting.

Regarding the ongoing deadlock with China on the Line of Actual Control in Ladakh, the US had shown solidarity with India and said that the US side is aware of the matter.

After Pompeo's harsh remarks on China, China has asked the US not to interfere in the two countries' affairs.

Chinese Foreign Ministry has said that talks on border tension with India are in good direction and there is no scope for any third party.

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