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Heavy rain and hailstorm damage crops in Kashmir Valley

Kashmir experienced heavy rain and hailstorms in parts of the valley on Saturday, causing damage to crops and orchards.

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Heavy rain and hailstorm damage crops in Kashmir Valley

Kashmir experienced heavy rain and hailstorms in parts of the valley on Sunday, causing damage to crops and orchards. Gulmarg Ski Resort also received fresh snowfall while the administration issued an avalanche warning for the hills.

Heavy rain and hailstorms in the Handwara and Kupwara areas reportedly caused significant damage to crops. Furthermore, snowfall in the higher reaches of the Kulgam district caused damage to crops and orchards, with depths up to 3 inches observed in different locations. Similar incidents were also reported in the higher areas of Shopian and Pahalgam district.

The Meteorological Department has forecast light to moderate to fairly widespread to widespread rain over Jammu and Kashmir over the next 24 hours. While the rains can bring some relief to farmers, they are also a cause for concern due to the potential for flooding and landslides.

The administration has urged people to take the necessary precautions and an avalanche warning has been issued for the hills. In such circumstances, it is crucial that residents and travellers stay informed about weather conditions and follow safety guidelines to avoid mishaps.

Unstable weather

The Meteorological Department (MeT) has issued a forecast of rain, thunderstorms and lightning in most parts of Kashmir, with hail and gusty winds likely in some areas.

The department has advised farmers to avoid spraying orchards and harvesting crops until May 8. From May 9 to 12, the weather is expected to remain dry.

Meanwhile, the Jammu and Kashmir Disaster Management Authority (JKDMA) issued an avalanche warning for the Baramulla district, with low-level danger expected above 3,000 meters. People in the area are advised to take precautions and avoid avalanche-prone areas.

  • The weather has turned cold, with temperatures falling 3-5 degrees Celsius below normal.
  • Srinagar recorded a minimum temperature of 6.5 degrees Celsius, which is 4.2 degrees Celsius below the normal temperature of 10.7 degrees Celsius.
  • Qazigund had a low of 5.2 degrees Celsius, Pahalgam recorded a low of 2.1 degrees Celsius and Kokernag recorded a low of 4.2 degrees Celsius.
  • The famous tourist spot, Pahalgam, was 3.4 degrees Celsius below normal.
  • The famous Gulmarg ski resort recorded a low of 0.4 degrees Celsius, 4.8 degrees Celsius below normal.
  • In Kupwara, the temperature was 6.3 degrees Celsius, 3 degrees Celsius below normal.

Recent weather conditions have left the farming community in a bind as they face challenges caused by unpredictable weather patterns and natural disasters. Authorities must take effective measures to provide timely relief to affected farmers and ensure they are adequately compensated for their losses.

Kashmiri farmers are facing difficulties due to persistent bad weather conditions, which have disrupted the insecticide and fungicide spraying program on apple trees.

Apples are one of the most commonly grown fruits in Kashmir and their production often requires the use of chemicals to protect the crop from pests and diseases.

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