Harsh Vardhan slams Maharashtra govt’s COVID-19 vaccine shortage claim

कोविड-19 वैक्सीनेशन
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In the country, cases of infection with corona virus are increasing continuously. More than half of the case load of the entire country is in Maharashtra. Meanwhile, the Health Minister Rajesh Tope has said that the vaccine stock in Maharashtra is on the verge of ending.

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He has said that the state has only about 14 lakh doses of covid-19 vaccine, which is the stock for the next three days according to the current vaccine delivery speed.

He said that because of this many vaccine centers had to be closed and people had to return there. He urged the Center to give priority to Maharashtra in supplying the vaccine and said that this is because the death toll has crossed 50 thousand. During this, he also informed that the age of majority of the people getting infected is between 25 and 40 years.

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What did Harshvardhan say?

However, Union Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan termed such statements as an attempt to divert attention.

He said that “In recent times I have heard irresponsible talk from some state governments regarding the corona epidemic. Some state governments have failed to implement measures to control the epidemic in their own place. Such statements divert the attention of the people.” And can spread terror in them.”

He also said that when the supply of the corana vaccine is limited in the country, then giving the vaccine on a priority basis is the only option. The Government of India has been informing all states about the demand and supply of vaccines with transparency. The entire outline of the vaccination campaign has been prepared only after talks with the states.

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Along with this, he rejected the demand of some states to make the minimum age of vaccination to 18 years and said that when states say this, then it should be assumed that they would have given vaccine to the older people. While the figures are saying something else. After this, he shared the latest status of the vaccination status of all the states, according to which only 86 percent of the health workers of Maharashtra have been given the first dose of vaccine.

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