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Whatsapp Web Group video call problems solved

On web version of whatsapp we can make video calls too. But there are many problems that people are facing.

By Pallav Jain
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whatsapp web video calling problem fixed

Group video call problems on WhatsApp Web: Whatsapp is a messenger we use a lot, But for video calls we are dependent on zoom and other meeting apps because so far. Whatsapp video calling was only a smartphone feature. But now on web version of whatsapp we can make calls too. But there are many problems that people are facing, So before we solve them lets understand basics.

To make or receive video calls on WhatsApp web (Desktop)

  • You’ll need an active internet connection on your computer and phone.
  • WhatsApp needs access to your computer’s microphone and camera.
  • You’ll need to have an audio output device, microphone, and camera connected to your computer for calls. Video calling isn’t supported on device’s without a camera.
  • Note: Use a headset for the best audio. Using a separate external microphone and speaker devices might cause echo.

Make a video call

  1. Open the individual chat with the contact you’d like to call.
  2. Click the Video call icon.

During the call, you can mute or unmute your microphone by clicking the Microphone icon or turn your camera off or on by clicking the Camera icon. To end a call, click End call.

Answer a video call

If you receive an incoming call, you can click:

  • Accept to accept the call.
  • Decline to decline the call.
  • Ignore or x to ignore the call.

Switch between voice and video calls

While on a voice call with a contact, you can request to switch to a video call. The contact you’re voice calling can choose to click OK or Switch to switch the call or Cancel to decline.

  1. Hover over the Camera icon during the call.
  2. Click the Camera icon.
  3. The voice call will switch to a video call if your contact accepts the switch.

Whatsapp Web Group Call problem Fixed

This is a problem that some users sometimes find when trying to connect Team video call Is Button Starting one is unknown from the WhatsApp web.

The truth is, this situation is more common than you think and usually the chat you are looking for that icon is compatible with the WhatsApp group, so you will not find the option in that chat.

The limit of people participating in group video calls has recently been extended, but computer versions have not been updated in this regard.

How you can Fix this?

  • So, if your goal is to start a simple video call with a single contact, the way to do it is possible with a personal video call.
  • On the other hand, if you are looking for multiple people in the same group call, you will not see the button to do so.
  • There is a way to connect multiple contacts in a single video call by following this procedure from the WhatsApp web in your browser.
  • Press the button that marks the clip at the top of your WhatsApp web portal and select the camcorder icon from the menu that appears.
  • You will immediately see a dialog box in which you need to select the option I am an ambassador Then Create room.
  • A new tab will be displayed with the link for the video call, you just need to do that Copy Y To share With the people you want to participate with Virtual encounter.

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