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Top 10 Reasons to choose Global MBA over a Regular MBA

choose Global MBA over a Regular MBA

Global MBA over a Regular MBA: As nations experience a start-up boom, the need for qualified managers with great business acumen & organizational skills has shot up. This, coupled with the growing affinity for corporate culture and related work benefits has created a huge demand for Masters in Business Administration (MBA) among aspirants and recruiters alike. However, there is more to becoming a quality business professional that meets the eye. A qualified corporate worker will not only have sound educational backing but will also have great knowledge of global market trends.

Naturally, regular MBA degrees may not be able to prepare you for these challenging real-world assignments. This is one of many reasons why aspirants may benefit from a global MBA program as opposed to a regular MBA program.

So, what constitutes a global MBA and why is it different from a traditional MBA program? A global MBA provides training in international business management. A global MBA program will help students see business concepts and ideas from an international lens. Aspirants will be able to decode key differences between the functioning of national and international firms. Most importantly, unlike its traditional counterpart, a global program focuses on creating and maintaining a diverse and culturally rich student body. Indian varsities- particularly MBA colleges in Mumbai have begun to offer lucrative global business programs to students. These programs are so well crafted that one needn’t enroll at a foreign business school for a global experience. In fact, A 1-year MBA in India may prove to be as fruitful as a stint abroad–A 1-year MBA in India will not only provide students with a sharp global outlook but also offer a higher return on investment compared to universities abroad.

Let’s now take a look at the top 10 benefits of choosing a global MBA program over a regular MBA program-

  • Interaction with International Students

A Global program focuses on having a diverse student body, which may prove to be an enriching experience for students. Interaction with people from different cultural backgrounds and heritage can equip students with necessary managerial & business skills. Most businesses require professionals to expand operations globally – a process that involves interaction with people from different walks of life. Studying with students of different ethnicities can prepare students for future challenges.

  • Focus on Out-of-the-Box Ideas
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The best part about global MBA programs is their focus on nurturing and propagating fresh ideas and perspectives. This focus on expanding horizons helps students develop a global outlook required for future business transactions. These MBA programs focus on hands-on learning and soft skills to create leaders fit to take on the reigns of a global economy. While a regular MBA emphasizes rote learning and case studies, a Global program stresses experiential & practical learning that may prove more beneficial in the long run. Mid-career professionals experiencing burnout and stagnation can greatly benefit from the benefits offered by global MBA programs—This course can undoubtedly help expand horizons while giving a great boost to one’s career.

  • Endless Career Opportunities

Through its deep focus on nurturing out-of-the-box ideas and experiential learning, a global MBA greatly enhances one’s career prospects. Global MBA curriculum is well-rounded, relevant, and employable. The course structure provides great incentives to students and recruiters alike—While students develop necessary interpersonal and networking skills, employers get a worker who is armed to take on challenging business assignments. The unique course structure helps students make careers in top regional and international firms.

  • Better Space for Networking

Most varsities offering Global MBA programs are backed by ethnically & culturally diverse student & teaching bodies. This automatically makes students better at networking & forming business relationships. Most importantly these student bodies ensure good placements for all aspirants, making global MBA programs a great space for building careers.

  • High Salaries

It is no hidden fact that MBA offers attractive pay packages and job roles to graduates. However, a global MBA program takes it a notch higher. Recruiters are so impressed by the course structure and quality of professionals produced that they are almost always ready to offer higher than industry rates to aspirants. According to the QS jobs & Salary report, a global Management graduate can make anywhere between $77,200 – $102,000 annually in Germany & the United States.

  • Options between Part-time and Full-time Degrees
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While a traditional MBA is usually 2 years long, a global MBA program can be 1 or 2 years, depending on the varsity. Several MBA colleges in Mumbai, for instance, offer 1-year global MBA programsto freshers and executives alike. Students can also choose between online and offline courses ranging between 6 months – 2years with flexible options for study and submission of assignments.

  • No Age Limit

Another great aspect of this course is its complete lack of focus on age. From freshers to seasoned professionals, anyone can enroll in the global management program. This diversity in age & background offers great perspective & incentive to students.

  • Worldwide Recognition

As the name suggests, Global MBAs are internationally recognized. This leads to an automatic increase in career opportunities for students.

  • Higher Credibility

Global MBA degrees are often offered by top-notch universities and carry a great degree of credibility. Recruiters are seen expressing great faith in employees who hold a global MBA degree.

  • The Opportunity to Be Your Own Boss

High credibility, coupled with worldwide recognition allows more room to be one’s own boss. A good degree allows students to pursue numerous career opportunities and gain fruitful experience. This experience allows graduates to pursue their own dreams and ambitions.

In conclusion, a global MBA program can offer students an enriching learning environment and a sharp outlook required for business transactions. Diverse student and teaching bodies can help students develop the necessary soft skills to network for business. These bodies also help ensure a secure future for graduates by offering numerous opportunities for foreign exchange. Worldwide recognition, higher credibility, and no-age limit allow greater freedom to explore one’s true potential for business.

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