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Girls will return to school as soon as possible: Taliban

Girls will return to school as soon as possible: Taliban

Ground Report | New Delhi: Girls will return to school; The Taliban have said they will allow the girls to go back to school to study as soon as possible. “We are finalizing it. We will do it as soon as possible,” Taliban spokesman Zabilah Mujahid said in Kabul.

Girls will return to school

This statement comes at a time when the Taliban’s education ministry has ordered school teachers and students to attend secondary schools. But in that order, nothing has been said about girl students and women teachers.

Along with this, the Taliban spokesperson has also announced some more ministries, but still, no woman has been included in the cabinet. Apart from this, the spokesperson has not said anything about the Ministry of Women’s Affairs. The name of this ministry was changed last week.

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Regarding the non-payment of salaries to government employees in Afghanistan, Mujahid said that they have money but it will take some time to pay salaries.

The interim appointments to the Taliban government were made earlier this month. All the ministers so far are associated with the Taliban. There were speculations that non-Taliban people can also get ministerial posts in the Taliban government, but at the moment this does not seem to be happening.

Taliban persecuting people

However Major human rights organizations have accused the Taliban of committing various atrocities on ordinary people since taking over the reins of the country. Human rights organization Amnesty International and two other organizations have said that the Taliban did not delay in ending human rights.

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Some cases of human rights abuses have already been mentioned, but human rights organizations say that this is only a small part of the widespread harassment. Amnesty International has accused the Taliban that the reforms that have been made in the last 20 years are constantly being done away with.

Amnesty has accused the Taliban of killing civilians and surrendered soldiers, withholding humanitarian aid, and imposing restrictions on the freedom of people, especially women.

Amnesty’s statement said that journalists, protesters as well as human rights activists are being attacked in Afghanistan. The Taliban have tried to show that they have changed since the last time, but this report points to the opposite of their claim.

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