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Free vaccine being given to everyone under Yogi’s govt: PM Modi

Free vaccine being given to everyone under Yogi's govt: PM Modi

Ground Report | New Delhi: Free vaccine being given; Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday laid the foundation stone of Raja Mahendra Pratap Singh State University in Aligarh and inspected the model of UP Defense Industrial Corridor being built in the state.

After this, while addressing a public meeting, Prime Minister Narendra Modi raised slogans of ‘Raja Mahendra Pratap Singh Amar Rahe’ there.

He said that on this occasion he is missing former Chief Minister Kalyan Singh, had he been there, Raja Mahendra Pratap Singh would have been happy to see the work of the University.

PM Modi said on the Defense Corridor being built in the state that ‘Today not only the country but the world is seeing that India is making modern grenades, rifles as well as fighter ships, drones, warships. India is going to become a new identity in the direction of exporting defense materials.

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Also mentioned migration

He said that there was a time when the government was run by goons, mafia, corrupt. Today the goons and mafia are behind bars. I want to remind the people of western UP that families in this region used to live in fear in their homes.

“Sisters and daughters were afraid to leave the house and go to school and college. The parents were holding their breath. The atmosphere that was there… People had to leave their ancestral home, migrate. Today a criminal thinks a hundred times before committing a crime.

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Free vaccine being given

Along with this, PM Modi said that in Yogi ji’s government there is hearing for the poor and there is respect for the poor. Free vaccine is being given to everyone under Yogi ji’s government. UP also holds the record for the highest number of vaccinations in the country.

“In this crisis of Corona, the concern of the poor is the top priority of the government. Free food grains are being given for months so that the poor do not go hungry. To save the poor from starvation, the work which the big countries of the world could not do, that India is doing today. This is what our Uttar Pradesh is doing.”

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