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France is furious, Australia has already told India

France is furious; India was already informed about the defence deal between Australia, the US and the UK, which angered France. France has

By Ground report
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France is furious, Australia has already told India

Ground Report | New Delhi: France is furious; India was already informed about the defence deal between Australia, the US, and the UK, which angered France. France has accused Australia and the US of stabbing them in the back. Australia's High Commissioner to India, Berry Oferal has said that Australia had already informed India before the formal announcement of this new agreement.

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France is furious

Berry Ofrel has said, "The decision of this new partnership clearly shows that the strategic environment is very challenging and India was already informed about this. Power competition is increasing in Taiwan and the South China Sea and regional tensions have also increased. more and more challenging.

Oferal said in a virtual dialogue, "We do not want to weaken in an environment of confrontation at any level so that no country feels that it has overtaken." This is not to provoke anyone. Rather, together with India and other countries, we are ready to deal with any threat. This is a necessary step for future stability and peace in the Indo-Pacific.

Oferal said the defense and foreign ministers along with the Australian prime minister had informed their counterparts in India. However, he said it was not discussed in the India-Australia 2+2 ministerial meeting.

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What is the matter?

The Australian High Commissioner said that China is rapidly increasing its military capability in the Indo-Pacific. He said Ocus will enhance Australia's defense capability and this is part of its strategy. He also said that it would not make any difference to the quad.

Indeed, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced on Wednesday that he has decided to invest in US nuclear submarines and withdraw from the diesel-electric submarines contract with France.

France is very angry with this decision of Australia and has called back its ambassadors from Australia, America. Morrison said that he took this decision in view of the changing strategic environment. US President Joe Biden on Wednesday announced a new security deal with Australia and Britain.

Under this security agreement, nuclear-capable submarines will be built in Australia. With this agreement, Australia has broken the contract to build 12 submarines with the French state company DCNS.

Know about this new alliance

France signed the deal with Australia in 2016 and Australia has spent $1.8 billion on it since then. Morrison said that when Australia signed a $43 billion deal in 2016, US nuclear submarine technology was not an option. But America is now ready to share technology with Britain.

To counter China's growing influence in the Indo-Pacific, the US, Australia, Japan, and India have formed the Quad bloc and meanwhile, the US, UK, and Australia have signed a security agreement. This agreement is also being seen against China. Australia had already told India about the Ocus.

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