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France attack: Kangana Ranaut angry at Canadian Prime Minister

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau defended freedom of speech while talking about the attack in France, but also said that some communities should not be hurt in an arbitrary and unnecessary way.

Trudeau said this on the question related to the right to print cartoons of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) in France’s Charley Hebdo magazine.

He said, “We should always defend freedom of expression. However, freedom of the accused is not without limitations. We should work respecting others and those with whom we live in this society and planet should not be hurt unnecessarily. ”

Prime Minister Trudeau said, “We do not have the right to shout fire-fire in a crowded cinema hall. Every right has its limits. “

He requested to use freedom of expression carefully, keeping away from the statement of French President Emmanuel Macron.

Justin Trudeau said that in a pluralistic, diverse and respectable society like ours, we have to understand the impact our words, our actions have on others, especially those communities and people who are still facing massive discrimination.

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During this time, he said that the society is ready for public debate on these issues in a responsible manner.

He also condemned and expressed grief over the violent incidents in France.

Prime Minister Trudeau said that this is completely unfair and Canada stands with its French friends going through difficult times and condemns these incidents.

On Thursday, silence was kept in the Canadian Parliament mourning the death of three people in an attack on a church in Nice, France.

Kangana flashed, asked questions

On this statement by Justin Trudeau, actress Kangana Ranaut has made some tweets asking him questions.

Kangana Ranaut wrote, “Dear Justin, we do not live in an ideal world, people break signals every day, take drugs, harass and hurt the feelings of others. If the punishment for every minor crime is to strangle each other, then why do we need the Prime Minister and the law system? “

Kangana tagged Justin Trudeau and asked him to answer his question.

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Kangana wrote in another tweet, “If anyone makes cartoons of Rama, Krishna, Maa Durga or any other god whether Allah or Jesus Christ, then they should be punished. If it does this on the workplace or on social media, it should be stopped. If he does this openly, he should be sent to jail for six months, that’s all, people have the right to be atheists. “

“I can choose whether I don’t believe in God, that’s fine, it’s not a crime.” I can also express how I do not agree with your religion, yes !! This is freedom of expression, learn to live with my voice, you have learned to cut my throat when my questions are not answered, ask yourself. “

In France, a teacher was killed in France after showing a cartoon printed in a class in a class. French President Emmanuel Macron defended the right to print these cartoons and called the attack on the teacher an Islamic fundamentalism.


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