Top 7 Reasons To Become A Fashion Designer in 2021

Fashion Designer in 2021: Trendy, creative, and modern are words that pop up in one’s mind when one thinks of fashion designing. The industry is an exciting field for people who enjoy working with clothes and creating eye-catching creations out of a few yards of cloth. Additionally, media and television have further fueled this passion among the new generation of students. In today’s market, more students are choosing fashion designing courses over a traditionally regarded steady job

India has several high-ranking fashion colleges that provide both short-term and full-time programs. Fashion designing colleges in Chhattisgarh particularly allow students to graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Fashion Designing course. One such popular college is Kalinga University at Raipur. The university has both undergraduate and postgraduate courses and they accept students from all backgrounds.

However, before one goes about enrolling in a fashion design program, one must understand why one should choose the same. Choosing a career can be difficult with so much information at your fingertips online. If you are on the fence or would like to gain clarity on your choice, stated below are some reasons why fashion designing should be chosen as a career choice in 2021.

Job Opportunities: There are many job opportunities in the fashion industry. Anyone with a passion for designing clothes, accessories can find jobs in the field right after completing a B.Sc fashion designing course. In addition to fashion houses, there are positions at retailers, wholesalers, boutiques, outlets, and in journalism and social media. The career growth for the fashion industry has a constant but steadily increasing growth rate for the coming years. As the standard of living of the people increases, the demand for branded clothes and accessories increases. It is a good time for interested individuals to jump into the field and carve a career.

Creativity: Fashion designing is a field that fosters and promotes creativity in individuals. Individuals must have an inventive bent of mind and also must be highly observant and imaginative. No two days are the same. Being able to work every day in one’s passion would mean there is no space for boredom or burnout. Also, to be paid for practicing your skills and passion is a deal no one can pass over. Fashion Designing is a great outlet for people to practice and sharpen their skills. However, like most fields, there is a struggle in this field too. With persistence, the payoff is great and worth the effort.

Fast-Paced Industry: The fashion industry is an extremely fast-paced one. One must be quick to pick up the latest trends in the market. If a designer takes one day off, a lot would have already happened in their work. The market is flooded with fashion designers and the competition is stiff. To survive, one must strive to do better and quicker than the others. Designing and creating clothes while also interacting with customers and keeping up with industry trends seems tiring. But for the right person, all of these can make them highly motivated.

Pay: Fashion Designing is a highly profitable industry. People can work in both fashion houses under a designer or start their own fashion brand. The pay in both cases is quite high. Fashion graduates can expect to earn an average salary of INR 2,98,735 at entry-level positions. Fashion Designers who start their own brick and mortar practice can set their own prices and charge what they like. Also, individuals in fashion can earn a lot more as they gain experience. As the designers start gaining notoriety and fame in their field, people are able to charge and set their own prices for their creations.

Entrepreneurship: Most fashion graduates can either work in a fashion house or set up their fashion brands eventually. Most B.Sc in fashion design course graduates in India are able to set up successful clothing lines and make a decent living. Being able to work on their own and be one’s own boss is everyone’s dream. Thanks to the power of social media, one can start small with their creations and start selling clothes online without a physical store. Technology has enabled people to sell clothes to all corners of the world and also internationally. Today it is easier than ever for people to start their business practice.

International Opportunities: The fashion market is booming internationally. Slowed only down by the pandemic, the international fashion scene is exciting and as well as lucrative. Over the last couple of years, several international fashion brands have set up shops in India. People from fashion houses can get opportunities to cash in on this opportunity in several ways. The said international brands require fashion graduates to work in their physical shops. Individuals with experience and skills can also get to work with brands in designing clothes. When working in the international market, there are greater opportunities in terms of job and in terms of the pay scale.

Travel Opportunities: Finally, another reason to opt for fashion designing is for the immense travel opportunities. Fashion Designers are constantly traveling for fashion shows and events both nationally and internationally. One day one might be sitting in India designing clothes in their office and the next day they could be in Paris for the Paris Fashion Week show. Not just for events, designers also need to travel for networking, research purposes, and for general business purposes. At times traveling is also done to other countries to experience different cultures and fashion trends and to gain inspiration. Individuals who enjoy traveling would do wonderfully in the fashion industry.

This is one field where prospective students can make a successful career with their talent and hard work. From better pay, travel opportunities, being one’s own boss, there are many reasons why fashion designing is a good career choice. Ultimately, it all comes down to personal preferences and aspirations.

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