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Fashion design vs Interior design: A Comparative Study

Career in designing: Pertaining to that point, the two of the most popular career options right now are fashion design and interior design.

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Fashion design vs Interior design

Fashion design vs Interior design: Choosing a career in today’s world is an extremely exhaustive process. Of course, there are lots of alternatives and that makes the process of choosing even tougher. Pertaining to that point, the two of the most popular career options right now are fashion design and interior design. These are both authentic occupations if candidates are innovative and ready to deviate from the norm. Both of these career options require a high level of uniqueness and ingenuity. This article focuses on the scope, details, and differences between the two careers in order to help students choose the right option for them.

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Fashion Design vs Interior Design: What does it consist of?

Fashion Design can be defined as the art of creating clothes and accessories, employing different textures, aesthetics, and color combinations. Fashion Design is heavily influenced by cultural and societal developments. While interior design, on the other hand, is the science and art of creating safe, practical places that are also aesthetically appealing. It involves employing both technical and aesthetic processes. It is a skilled job that entails extensive research, space planning, construction management, an inspection of sites, programming, interacting and collaborating with project stakeholders, and also design implementation.

Fashion Design vs Interior Design: Scope and primary responsibilities-

Fashion Designers are creative specialists who introduce new designs and fashion to the world. Fashion designers may also be considered innovators since they provide a plethora of new combinations of apparel, accessories, other gear, and clothing. Fashion designers must keep a close watch on everything since fashion is very closely tied to how society tends to function and changes from time to time. Furthermore, fashion trends tend to repeat themselves; therefore understanding and analyzing history is important for fashion designers. As a fashion designer, having a vision is extremely essential. A capable fashion designer should be able to predict what will and what will not work. They should be able to nearly predict the next major fashion trend. While an interior designer has primary responsibilities such as design, planning, and implementation of the same. They accomplish the intended vision through tactical furniture arrangement, functional décor, color palettes, functional components, and several other supplementary décor items. Interior designers are experts at balancing the concept of a room to make it aesthetically pleasing.

Fashion Design vs Interior Design: Eligibility and Opportunities-

Applicants for the degree in fashion designing programme must have finished their 10+2. Those interested in pursuing a postgraduate degree in fashion design must have a bachelor’s degree in the arts and sciences. Students who have finished their studies can find work in industries, boutiques, clothing shop chains as well as jewelry, and export businesses. In addition to this, textile mills also employ experts having a fashion background. Professionals can also open their own boutiques, start their own clothing labels, or even enter the field of academia.

Pertaining to interior design, a pass in class 10+2 with mathematics, chemistry is the minimum requirement for the applicants. They should have studied English in addition to biology and physics. Candidates are also required to secure at least a 55% in their class 12 board examination. As interior designing is one of the fastest-growing professions, there are several employment options accessible for experts in a range of sectors. Interior designers can find work in industries such as urban development, architecture, consultancies, resort chains, exhibitions, theatres, etc.

Fashion Design vs Interior Design: Job Profiles and Qualities Required- There are several job profiles that a student pursuing fashion design can go for-

  • Fashion Journalist
  • Fashion Designer
  • Fashion Consultant
  • Celebrity Stylist
  • Textile Designer
  • Fashion Coordinator

Some of the qualities aspiring fashion designers should possess are- They should have a flair for art. In order for their work to be recognizable and distinguishable, they should hone their skills regularly, thinking alongside creative lines. Even though many of these talents are innate, some of these can be inculcated with the help of formal classes and daily practice. In addition to this, they should possess sewing and drawing skills, a thorough understanding of different fabrics and textiles, and good communication skills.

Some of the well-recognized job profiles pertaining to interior design have been mentioned below:

  • Blogger
  • Interior Designer
  • Art Director
  • Visual Merchandiser
  • Exhibition Designer

Some of the qualities interior design aspirants should have - They should give attention to details and be highly creative as different clients will have different requirements making them to design various spaces. They should have the ability to identify trends to stay ahead of the curve, their work should be relevant and then only their demand will increase. In addition to this, they should have good organizational skills in order to complete projects within the deadline and client’s budget. Moreover, good communication skills, sketching abilities and hands-on experience with the softwares can make a win-win situation.

Fashion Design vs Interior Design: Salary- Salary wise both the career options go hand-in-hand as the estimated salary of a fashion and interior designer as a fresher range from INR 4-8 LPA. Moreover, it depends on the skillset, company, firm, or clients they work with.

As per the information mentioned above, both the courses have the same worth and are equally valuable; nevertheless, candidates must select the correct career option based on their interest, skills, and passion.

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