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Farm law opened new doors of opportunities, says PM Modi in 'Mann Ki Baat'

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said about the agricultural laws that people should have the right information about the law

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said about the agricultural laws that people should have the right information about the law, away from confusion and rumors.

Giving the example of a farmer who took advantage of the new agricultural law, he said that "The correct and complete information of the law became the strength for a farmer in Maharashtra. Whatever the region, no matter what kind of confusion and rumors, correct information, There is a huge support for every person. "

Talking about these laws, he said, "Not only have these reforms ended many bonds of farmers, but they have also got new rights and new opportunities."

In the 'Mann Ki Baat' on Sunday, Modi gave the example of two farmers and said about the problem of agricultural law and straw.

He said that farmers have got new rights through new agricultural laws. These rights have started reducing the problems of farmers.

He referred to Jitendra Bhoiji, a farmer from Dhule district in Maharashtra, and said that he had cultivated maize and used new agricultural laws to get the price.

He said that Jitendra set the price to sell his crop. The total cost of the crop was fixed at around three lakh thirty two thousand rupees, he had also received twenty five thousand rupees advance and it was decided that the remaining money would be paid to him in fifteen days.

Modi said, "Later the circumstances became such that Jitendra did not get the rest of the payment. After waiting for four months, Jitendra took help of these laws. Under this law, the farmer got the payment within three days of purchasing the crop. It will be given and if this is not done then the farmer can file a complaint. The law also provides that the SDM of the area will have to settle the complaint of the farmer within a month. "

Modi said, with the power of such law, the problem had to be resolved and in a few days their dues were paid.

Modi said that it is very important to work to raise awareness among the farmers so that the farmers get to know about the new laws and they can take advantage of it.

He also mentioned the problem of stubble in Mann ki Baat and said that farmers can find a solution with their knowledge.

He mentioned Virendra Yadav, who lives in Haryana and said that he once lived in Australia but settled in Kaithal, Haryana two years ago.

"Parali was a big problem for him and to find a solution, he bought straw bale making machine for which he got financial support from the Department of Agriculture. This led him to start making alliances of parali and he got agro energy plant and paper Sold to the mills. "

Modi said that "Virendra has done more than one and a half crore rupees business in just two years from Parali, and in that too, has made a profit of about 50 lakh rupees".

He described it as a unique example of settling the straw, earning money and virtue. He urged the youth to go to the villages around them and make farmers aware of modern agriculture, recent agricultural reforms.