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Home » Fact Check: Iran did not sentence 15,000 protesters to death

Fact Check: Iran did not sentence 15,000 protesters to death

Fact Check: Iran did not sentence 15,000 protesters to death

Amid protests in Iran over the death of Mahsa Amini, various reports, including posts by various celebrities, have claimed that Iran has “sentenced” 15,000 protesters to death. Some said the death penalty was ‘imposed’ on 15,000.

Claims began floating on social media platforms after human rights groups estimated that 15,000 protesters were detained in Iran over the protests that followed the death of Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old woman, who was detained by Iran’s powerful Orientation Patrol or moral police, for not wearing hijab.

On Monday, several social media posts went viral, including from celebrities such as Peter Frampton, Sophie Turner and Viola Davis, claiming the 15,000 protesters had been sentenced to death and warning of imminent mass execution.

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This is false

No, 15,000 protesters were not sentenced to death. So far only one protester has received such a sentence. However, human rights groups warn that future sentences could be handed down without notice or due process.

Viral posts, like Davis’s, quote a Newsweek article with the headline “Iran protesters refuse to back down as 15,000 face execution.”

The 15,000 number comes from estimates by the United Nations and the Human Rights Activists News Agency of how many people in total have been detained in Iran in connection with the protests.

The Newsweek article states that “the country’s parliament voted overwhelmingly in favour of the death penalty for protesters.”

This claim is based on a letter, according to Iranian state media, signed by 227 Iranian lawmakers, which “asked [Iranian] judicial officials to consider severe punishments for all involved” in what the letter says are “riots.”

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