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Facebook will ask: Are any of your friends turning extremists?

'Fake news more popular than real news' on Facebook

Ground Report | New Delhi: Facebook will ask; On Thursday, Facebook said that customers will be told that their Facebook Wall may contain material that pertains to extremism. Images of some Facebook notifications have been posted on Twitter, asking Facebook users questions such as – Are you worried that someone you know is becoming an extremist?

In a notification, users have been told that they may have seen extremist content. In both places, users have been encouraged to seek help.

The world’s largest social networking site has been under constant pressure not to use it to spread extremist content. Both governments and social activists have been asking Facebook to take such steps that its platform should not be used to promote terrorist or extremist activities.

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Facebook will ask (start in America)

Voices against giving a platform to extremists on Facebook in the US were intensified after President Donald Trump’s supporters marched on Capitol Hill on January 6.

The company says it is currently testing where the warnings have been rolled out only in the US. Later it can be started for users around the world.

Facebook said in a statement, “This trial is part of our larger effort to explore ways to help Facebook users when they encounter extremist content. We work closely with NGOs and experts.” We are doing it and hope that we will have more to tell in the future.”

Impact of Christchurch attack

The company said that these efforts are part of its ‘Christchurch call to action campaign. In 2019 in Christchurch, New Zealand, a gunman attacked a local mosque and opened fire, taking dozens of lives. The attack was broadcast live on Social media. After which there was increased pressure on tech companies to take steps not to allow extremists to use their platform. When the ‘Christchurch Call to Action’ campaign was started, many technology companies are involved.

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The company said that its initial test identifies both types of users, those exposed to extremist content, and those whose content has been removed by Facebook once considered extremist.

The company has taken several tough measures in recent years against violent activities and hate groups. He says that the rules have been tightened and materials and people who violate these rules are being removed. Even then it is possible that such content reaches some people before it is removed.

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