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Every third person in India was a victim of migraine and stress in 2019

Ground Report | New Delhi: Every third person in India ; In 2019, more than 35 percent of the country’s population was suffering from migraine and tension headaches.  The latest research report released by Lancet Global Health, which has analyzed the increasing neurological disorders in India. 

During 2019, a total of 488 million people in the country were suffering from mental disorders like migraine and stress. On the other hand, if a comparative study of women and men is done, then more women were suffering from it than men. While about 235 million people were victims of migraine and stress, the figure was more than 253 million among women.

Mental disorders like migraine and stress are the result of changing lifestyle and changes in eating habits. Which needs to be considered seriously. The rapid urbanization taking place today is also affecting our health. The fast-paced life is largely responsible for this. Also, India’s aging population is also one of the reasons for this. At the same time, negligence towards hygiene and health is also responsible for this to some extent.

This is the reason why the burden of diseases such as non-communicable neurological disorders such as stroke, migraine, stress, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s and dementia has nearly doubled in India in 29 years from 1990 to 2019. Which has increased from 4 percent in 1990 to 8.2 percent in 2019. 

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According to research, stroke is largely responsible for the increasing burden of neurological disorders in the country. Where its share in neurological disorders is about 37.9%. This is followed by migraine and stress at 17.5 per cent, epilepsy at 11.3 per cent, leading to this burden. They are followed by cerebral palsy 5.7 percent, encephalitis 5.3 percent, meningitis 4.8 percent, Alzheimer’s and dementia 4.6 percent, and brain damage due to serious injuries accounted for about 4.1 percent. 

If seen, stroke or trauma is such a neurological disorder that is taking the most lives in the country. In 2019, where 12.9 lakh cases were reported, 6.99 lakh people died, of which 3.63 lakh were men and 3.36 lakh were women.

Alzheimer’s and dementia accounted for the most deaths after stroke, which killed 129,000 people in 2019, of which 73,200 were women. At the same time, about 45,300 people died due to Parkinson’s disease, 32,700 due to epilepsy and 23,700 due to brain and CNS cancer.

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According to the study, such an increase in neurological disorders is a major challenge for the health system. India is a developing country where a large population is still away from basic health facilities. 

At the same time, it is a matter of concern that so far people do not have complete information about these disorders nor do they have adequate facilities for its treatment. In such a situation, there is a need to seriously consider this and pay attention to them in future health policies. 

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