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Euphoria director purposely scripting uncomfortable nude scenes in the show?

Three actresses of Euphoria have accused director Sam Levinson of putting uncomfortable nude scenes in the show.

By Pallav Jain
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Euphoria Nude scenes Controversy

The second season of HBO's show Euphoria is in a lot of controversy. Based on drugs and youth problems, this show is quite popular among youngsters, this show tells its story in a very bold style. But the glut of drugs and nude scenes in Euphoria has become the cause of its trouble. First, where the show has been accused of inciting youngsters to take drugs, on the other hand, three actresses of the show have accused director Sam Levinson of putting uncomfortable nude scenes in the show. An actress of the show said that these scenes are sometimes very uncomfortable, and they do not know about them in advance. But she also says that whenever she raised her objection to the director, the script was changed.

What's the whole Matter?

Those who have seen Euphoria know that there are many such scenes in it which are quite disturbing even as a viewer. In such a situation, if the cast of the series says that they are not comfortable doing these scenes, then it is understandable. The entire controversy is about the nude scenes shown in the show, for which the fans of the show have accused director Sam Levinson of deliberately serving so much nudity in the series which is not even needed. Sometimes they seem unnecessary. This was further strengthened when three actresses of the show accused the director of doing uncomfortable nude scenes and said that they were not told about them in advance.

Case 1: Mika Kelly Portraying Samantha in Euphoria

Minka Kelly who portrays rich young mom Samantha in the HBO drama, Recalls the filming process of Samantha’s very first scene, in which she asks Maddy — the babysitter of her young son — to unzip her dress before she gets changed. With a sensual undertone, the camera slowly pans down her unclothed back as the gown is unpeeled, though it returns to her face within seconds.


In a new interview with Vanity Fair, Minka revealed that the director, Sam, initially had a different vision in mind for her character in the scene. “ thought it would be more interesting if my dress fell to the ground,” said Minka, adding that she hadn’t been told about the scene beforehand and was only given “vague” information about her character’s role. She said “That was my first day as a guest on this new show, and I just didn’t feel comfortable standing there naked,”. Minka went on to explain that after voicing her concerns to Sam, he immediately accepted her comments. “I said, ‘I’d love to do this scene, but I think we can keep my dress on,’” she recalled telling Sam. “He was like, ‘Okay!’ He didn’t even hesitate. And he shot a beautiful scene and got exactly what he wanted.”

Case 2: Sydney Sweeney, who plays Cassie Howard

Sydney, the second star of the show, told in an interview with The Independent that at times she feels uncomfortable with these nude scenes, but whenever she told director Sam about her hesitation, she was heard and no one ever pressurized her.


Although fans said that perhaps Sydney is one of those stars who can speak their mind, it is difficult for those stars who may not be able to openly express their hesitation or trouble.

Case 3: Chloe Cherry, who plays Faye in the show

Another star of the show Chloe Cherry told that Sam initially wanted her to be “completely naked” throughout her first scene with male costar Tyler Chase, who plays her onscreen boyfriend, Custer. However her initial nude scene was scrapped after Tyler voiced his discomfort.


Who is Sam Levinson?

Sam Levinson is a writer and producer, known for Euphoria (2019), Malcolm & Marie (2021) and Assassination Nation (2018). He was born into a family of artists. His father Barry Levinson a successful filmmaker, his mother a production designer, and his brother an actor, he was destined to find his footing in Hollywood. He made small appearances in three of his father’s films from a young age, immediately integrating him into the arts.

Fans on this Matter

Fans seem to be divided on this whole matter and some users wrote in favor of Sam on social media that whenever the cast objected about the scenes he immediately removed them. It is good that he at least respects their wishes.

On the other hand some fans say that what about those actors who are not able to express their discomfort openly, are they deliberately casting in such a way that they do not mind such scenes?

HBO has always been known for its bold shows, the script and screenplay of these are so powerful that the audience get hooked with the story. There is no such thing as a limit in HBO series, perhaps that is why viewers eagerly wait for HBO series. Whatever the genre, the series aired on this channel is different from the rest networks. Game of Thrones was also a series of HBO, which was well-liked all over the world.

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