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Escalating Tensions: Diplomatic Face-Off Between India And Canada

The Canadian High Commissioner was summoned by the Ministry of External Affiars, India over the remarks by the Canadian PM, Trudueau.

By Sharad Panwar
New Update
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The Canadian High Commissioner, Nadir Patel, was summoned to the Ministry of External Affairs of India, in a demarche issued earlier today. He was informed of the remarks by the Canadian Prime Minister, and the members of the Canadian Parliament that constitute unacceptable trespassing in India's domestic matters.

India reemphasized that such acts if continued would have damaging repercussions on relations between the two sides in an official statement of the Ministry of External Affairs.

This is another signal by India in less than a week. On 2nd of December, The Indian External Affairs Ministry had urged Canada to not let diplomatic talks get misconstrued for political ends. But notwithstanding India's requests, Canadian legislators have continued to make unwarranted comments on the farmers' demonstrations.

Specialists say that it all appears to be part of Trudeau's political manoeuvring to satisfy the Sikh vote bank. In Canada, the Sikh population comprises up to two per cent of the country's entire population. They have come to wield infinite influence than most of their immigrant counterparts. In 2019 Canadian federal election, as many as 18 Sikhs, were voted to the country's Parliament. Out of these 13 associated to Justin Trudeau's Liberal Party, and four were of the right-leaning Conservative Party, and one from the New Democratic Party.

India slams Canadian PM Justin Trudeau`s remarks on farmer protests

The Sikh Community additionally has a voice at the highest levels of authority as Justin Trudeau's council has three Sikh members of Parliament. It includes Navdeep Bains, the Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry; Bardish Chagger, Minister of Diversity Inclusion, and Harjit Sajjan, who has served as the Minister of National Defense since 2015.

The New Democratic Party, which backed 24 seats in the last polls, is headed by a Sikh named Jagmeet Singh. He has grown a force to reckon with as the politician is the first Sikh ever to be named as the leader of a significant political party in Canada. It was his party only that commenced a petition on its website beckoning Trudeau to comment on the farmers' protests in India.

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