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Election Commission again issued a warning on victory celebration

What is Election Commission thinking about holding the assembly elections

The trends for most of the seats in four states and one union territory have come. In such a situation, the supporters of the parties which are seen near the victory have started celebrating.

In many places, a large crowd is seen dancing, singing, coloring each other and distributing sweets. Whereas such a celebration had already been banned by the Election Commission. But supporters excited by the victory do not appear to follow these guidelines.

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In such a situation, the Election Commission has once again repeated its warning and said that such celebrations should be stopped immediately, which violates the directive of the Election Commission.

The Commission has issued a letter saying that it is watching it very seriously and is again instructing that steps should be taken to strictly follow its instructions.

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The Commission has also directed that the responsible SHO and other officers should be suspended immediately and criminal / disciplinary action should also be initiated against them.

The trends in counting of five states so far have not seen much reversal from them. In West Bengal, TMC was leading in more than 200 seats out of 292 seats, while BJP was leading in 77 seats.

The CPM is not ahead in a single seat and the Congress in one seat. However, Mamata Banerjee is trailing behind Subhendu Adhikari of BJP from Nandigram. This difference is about four thousand votes.

Even in Assam, the trends so far suggest that the BJP can remain in power. Out of 126 seats, trends have come in 119 and BJP is ahead in 60 seats while Congress is leading in 26 seats. At number three is the All India United Democratic Front, which is leading in 11 seats.

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The trend seems to be breaking this time in Kerala. For the last four decades, the government used to change here every five years, but this time the LDF under Pinarayi Vijayan can remain in power. According to the trends so far, the CPM is ahead in 55 seats and the Congress in 25 seats. It does not seem to be beneficial for Rahul Gandhi to be elected as Lok Sabha MP from Kerala.

In Tamil Nadu too, the opposition DMK is seen returning to power. DMK is leading in 118 seats while the ruling AIADMK is in 79 seats. Here the Bharatiya Janata Party is leading in four seats and the Congress in 12 seats.

The Congress was the ruling party in Puducherry, but here too it seems to be marginalized. All India N. Out of total 30 seats in Puducherry. R. Congress is leading at five and BJP at 3. Congress is ahead in two seats.

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