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Why Solitude is Essential for Personal Growth and Happiness?

The profound and often misunderstood concept of solitude. It delves into the beauty and benefits of spending time alone, emphasizing that solitude is not about loneliness but about finding peace and contentment in one's own company.

By Khazran Khan
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Why Solitude is Essential for Personal Growth and Happiness

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Solitude: the state of being alone. Yes, I am mentioning the term " Solitude " where you are in love with your own company, where people don't matter anymore, where everything is peaceful, where you think great and do wonders.

Though seemingly one might feel it absurd, but solitude is a real bliss. You love to be alone and all by yourself. Nah! It's not self-obsession, but those in solitude actually can feel their existence in harmony and full of contentment. Many times people living in solitude are often taken for granted or moreover as depressed or introverted. That is not the case! The more you try to understand yourself, the more people you lose.

Undoubtedly modern generation lacks this bliss. They get deprived of it because of being more socially active and of course, jumping on the bandwagon of social media platforms. Followers, Friends, Subscribers and blah blah mean a lot to them. Keeping aside the motivation, they think they can't do well without it. Nevertheless to mention that all legendary people have created wonderful masterpieces in solitude. In the words of Thomas A. Edison:

" The best thinking has been done in solitude."

The present-day youth especially the students have wrong notions of solitude. They confuse it with loneliness, which is different from it. Renowned educationist J. Krishnamurti urges students to spend time by themselves and to unravel their inner strengths. He pressurises the idea that "you cannot find out about yourself if you're always talking and going about with your friends."

Sitting quietly on a park bench, gazing at a vast blue sky, listening to music or chirping of birds, enjoying the laps of nature, going on a solitary walk — can all be included in the time that you give to your noble self. One day or the other, people are going to leave you. Regardless of waiting for them at the dark shores of despair, one must learn to enjoy the lights of hope coming from one's self. 

People come and go. That's the law of nature. No one is truly going to stay with you till the end except yourself. There is nothing bad in being an autophile. That's how Maxime Lagace stated:

"The more you enjoy solitude, the simpler the life becomes."

In Anthony Storr's "SOLITUDE", he argues that relationships are not the only key to happiness. He views the ability to be alone as a sign of emotional maturity. He holds strong points in his favour by bringing to the conclusion that wilfully chosen solitude is a crucial part of the creative life and we should sensibly embrace if it suits us. The bliss of solitude and " ME Time Works ! " has proven very beneficial when it comes to healing. People learn to love their lives, to realize their importance, and to give up their self-gos when they live in solitude. Solitude is a favour you could give yourself and one of the best gifts to thank your kind self for loving you despite the odds.

Solitude lands you at the peaks of ecstasy which helps you to renovate the dead inspiration in yourself and to be more focused on the things you love to do. For poets solitude is the precious and most valuable thing they can ever ask for.

Words follow their journey from their heart to the pen when soaked in the ocean of solitude. Romantic poet, William Wordsworth always celebrated the solitary mind space and nowadays people have also rediscovered this old pleasure.

"Solitude is a silent storm that breaks down all our dead branches; yet it sends our living roots deeper into the living heart of the living Earth."   ~ Khalil Gibran

So let me ask my readers

How many of us are willing to taste the flavours of solitude? How many of us are willing to leave behind the crowd and accept our own company? How many of us dare to give up social media and focus on our development into a better version of ourselves? Let’s give it a try and witness the wonders of solitude. Sure, everyone may not share a good experience on it but at least one can acquire real peace of mind and inculcate the idea of self–love in oneself.

You don’t have to cut off from your people but yes, you have to make up time for yourself. There is no such point to feel the bliss of solitude during one’s sorrows. It can be felt during your joys too.

All you need is a belief system – a belief that "Me Time Works!" Give space to yourself, take a short break from your diurnal activities, leave the things that aren’t in your control, let go of the chaos enveloping you from time to time and admit that no matter what happens; you are always there to help yourself. Always remember that “You Are More Than Enough And You Don’t Need To Prove It To Anyone."

Author is an engineering student and she can be reached at [email protected]

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