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ED raids Newsclick office in Delhi

The Enforcement Directorate raided the office of the News Click News web portal this morning. In addition to the office of the raid portal, it has also been done at the homes of connected journalists.

According to the information, raids have been conducted in the office of Delhi Saidulajab of News Click. According to the reports, raids are also being conducted on the houses of Prabir Purkayastha, owner of the portal and editor Pranjal.

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According to reports, the Enforcement Directorate has done this to investigate the case of red money laundering. Funds coming from abroad to the company are being investigated. The Enforcement Directorate suspects that the portal is receiving funding from fake companies made in foreign countries.

Senior journalist Abhisar Sharma, who performed the show on News Click, has given information about this raid by tweeting. Abhisar has said in his tweet that from around 10 am, raids are being conducted at the house of the share holders and directors of the portal.

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Talking about this raid, some journalists have tweeted once again to take action on the government due to the spirit of revenge.

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Recently, the journalist Mandeep Poonia, who was covering the farmer movement on the Singhu border, was arrested by the police. It was also strongly opposed on social media. After this, Poonia was granted bail by a Delhi court. 

An FIR has been registered against senior journalists Rajdeep Sardesai , Mrinal Pandey, Congress MP Shashi Tharoor, including journalists Paresh Nath, Ananth Nath and Vinod K Jose, in Delhi, Noida, for news related to the Kisan movement  . The government is getting a lot of criticism on social media about this. 

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On Tuesday, the Supreme Court, hearing the case, gave big relief to six journalists and Congress MP Shashi Tharoor. The court has said that these people cannot be arrested till further orders. 

The Editors Guild of India has strongly condemned the filing of an FIR against journalists on the January 26 reporting. It has described it as a way to intimidate and harass the media.

The Guild has stated that it is of greater concern to introduce 10 clauses related to treason, disturbing communal harmony and hurting religious sentiments of the people.

The Editors Guild has said that the FIR stated that the tweets were made with the wrong intent and because of that the Red Fort was desecrated. 

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