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Home » Eco-friendly wedding cards: 6 ideas for sustainable invitations

Eco-friendly wedding cards: 6 ideas for sustainable invitations

Eco-friendly wedding cards: 6 ideas for sustainable invitations

Eco-friendly wedding invitations may be better options for your mindful wedding planning. While celebrating your love, it’s also important to show some love for the environment. For the eco-conscious couple, these brands are serious, standout, and sustainable.

Environmental sensitivity is a new paradigm for future weddings. From wedding dress rentals to honeymoon trips and wedding cards, green grooms are looking to reduce their carbon footprint. Wedding invitations are not alien to the ecological concept of eco-friendly weddings. On the contrary, there are several possibilities to start planning the link from environmentally friendly invitations.

5 steps to print eco-friendly wedding invitations

Opt for green invitation paper

The use of green invitations can generate an improvement. The eco-friendly paper comes with a sustainable design that results in an elegant and smooth shine. Common papers shredded in hot water are used, then passed through a framed screen and pressed into absorbent cloth. Flowers and botanical designs are the most requested patterns in this type of card, ideal for vintage weddings or country weddings.

Kraft paper

This paper is strong, durable, and flexible, making it a good material for designing inexpensive wedding cards, labels, envelopes, calendars, and wedding favour wrappers. Kraft paper is obtained from wood fibre pulp using a self-sustaining method, hence its low environmental impact. It transmits the ecological concept for all types of weddings, especially country and minimalist ones.

Made of natural fibres

From an artisan process, the cotton and linen fibres are placed in a mill that processes a highly hydrated pulp, resulting in a very resistant paper. It is an incredible compliment for ecological weddings due to the character and beautiful appearance of the craftsmanship, ideal for any type of wedding, accompanied by a very special phrase for a wedding card.

plantable paper

After fulfilling its informative function in a sustainable and original way, the plantable cards can be placed in the ground and in a few days, a plant will be born. The plantable paper cards are made with recycled paper or natural fibres plus the addition of seeds in the process to enjoy flowers, aromatic plants or vegetables that will brighten up the garden or balcony of the guests.

Virtual invitations

It is evident that the digital world helps to be more careful with the environment, protecting natural resources. Sending invitations 2.0 fits perfectly into the agenda for ecological couples. They must define the broadcast mode and have the email or number of all their guests so as not to leave anyone out. It is important to confirm the acknowledgement of virtual invitations.

Some eco-friendly and sustainable wedding invitations and stationery brands

1. Green Wedding Invitations

From Paperchain Wedding Stationary, these wedding invitations are printed on plant-based (white bamboo) card stock with recycled envelopes.

Fortunately, paperchain adopts a recycling scheme which is not only affordable but also minimizes your carbon footprint when delivering these beautiful invitations.

This is absolutely great for the planet.

Things we like:

  • The invitation cards are created using eco-friendly bamboo trees.
  • Paperchain focuses on reducing the carbon footprint
  • Recycling scheme adopted

2. Paper Culture

If you want sustainable stationery that goes with modern design, paper culture is for you.

They use 100% post-consumer recycled paper to make wedding invitation cards, which means no trees are cut down.

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Paper Culture is very unique in that you plant a tree after purchasing any product from them.

This is the drive to reduce your carbon footprint.

Through partnering with organizations like Urban Forest, they know how trees make an impact.

What we like:

  • Uses 100% post-consumer recycled paper
  • They plant a tree after each sale.
  • Dedicated to reducing the carbon footprint
  • Partners with other green organizations like Urban Forest

3. Botanical Papers

Botanical paperwork is my favourite out of the box. Your guests have probably never received it, so you should surprise them as you prepare for your big day.

It has a reputation for creating plantable paper.

As we will already know, plantable paper is an ecological paper that degrades easily.

You can reuse the same paper to plant seeds in a pot with soil.

Post-consumer material decomposes, leaving behind your plants, herbs or flowers. Choose the paper that is printed with green ink.

Things we like:

  • Plantable paper is biodegradable.
  • Eco-organic, non-toxic and sustainable materials.
  • The paper is reusable.

4. Wildflower Seed Invitations

If you’re looking for someone to make you eco-friendly rustic and vintage wedding invitations, don’t hesitate to visit Blushful Earth.

They own a bunch of plantable seed paper invitations with seeds like musk mallow, white field, buttercup, ox-eye daisy, meadow grass, and yarrow.

Let your guests know what these invitations look like and they will appreciate the stunning flower garden after your big day.

Things we like:

  • Made from plantable wildflower seeds.
  • impressive design

Eco-friendly wedding cards in India

A2 Naturals

A Bangalore-based start-up called A2 Naturals is revamping wedding traditions by promoting eco-friendly wedding invitations. The invitations contain a 7.5cm tall ‘Seedball Ganesha’ idol, which is embedded with plant seeds!

Eco-friendly wedding cards

Pepaa Products Private Limited

Pepaa (formerly called Plantcil) is a full-stack sustainable solutions provider for brands and zero-waste lifestylers in the field of paper-based stationery and packaging.

Eco-friendly wedding cards. Source: Pepaa

Pepaa enables a circular economy alongside hundreds of rural women and over 800 organic farmers by creating sustainable products from post-consumer waste – right from recycled paper seed pencils and pens to plantable seed paper-based products – notebooks, coasters, cloth tags, invitation cards, and even packaging for diapers and diamonds.

Seed Balls

Since 2017, Seed Balls have been making personalized seed ball GIFT BOXES for weddings, birthdays, baby showers and all other events. As of Aug 2020, we have held more than 2,500 events and distributed 54,00,000 seed balls to customers across India.

Eco-friendly wedding cards

For the next 5 years as a team, we have a plan to distribute Rs 10 crore to save future generations. At this moment we have the production capacity of 50,000 seed balls per day, in the next few days we will try to increase it to meet our goal.

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