EA Minister S Jaishankar echoes Nehru’s foreign policy

Our current Foreign Minister, Dr S Jaishankar, was heard echoing the words of our First Foreign Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. India’s current ruling party BJP doesn’t shy away from attacking Jawaharlal Nehru and Congress party for exploiting India for almost 70 years. BJP is continuously heard criticizing Nehru’s decision on Kashmir and leaving the region so conflicted.

Amidst this, Foreign Minister S Jaishankar continuously reiterates India’s non-alignment stance. And, the non-alignment foreign policy was Jawaharlal Nehru’s approach also. Quite an irony.

On 3rd June, India’s External Affairs Ministry, S. Jaishankar took a tough stance against Europe and defended India’s foreign policy. In an interactive session at a conference in the Slovakian capital Bratislava, Jaishankar was asked about choosing between US and China. Simultaneously, about the relationship between Russia and India in context of the Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

He said,

‘Europe has to grow out of the mindset that Europe’s problems are world’s problems but the world’s problems are not Europe’s problems.’

S, Jaishankar, External Affairs Minister, India

In June 1953, Jawaharlal Nehru made his television debut on BBC. The candid interactions were full of explicit questions, and Nehru responded to them with brevity. When asked about safeguarding democratic ideals, and making compromises on the policy front, 

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He said,

‘But, there is a tendency, if I may say so, for leading statesmen in Europe and America to look at the world from Europe and America. Well, if we look at the same world from the same principles from, let us say, Delhi or Karachi. The world looks slightly different. Geography counts.’

Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru

Although, this wasn’t the first time S Jaishankar locked horns and made the record straight with regard to India’s foreign policy. He is popular on the internet for his fierce remarks about Indian foreign policy and is much appreciated by netizens too.

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