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Exploring Dubai’s Culture and Heritage on a Luxury Tour

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Dubai is not all about its modern tall buildings and manmade islands. It also has a lot of history, culture, and heritage to offer if you know where to look. When you have enough time to explore the city, getting to know its heritage is an experience like no other. Luxury heritage tours around the desert city are filled with nice surprises. Get your Rolls Royce rental in Dubai and get ready to explore.

Usually, tours in the city are often centered around more modern places. Without a doubt, Dubai has become a modern engineering marvel as well. However, for culture and heritage lovers, there is plenty still available preserved in time. So, we have some of the best suggestions when it comes to exploring Dubai’s rich history and culture. Read through to find out more:

Visit Al Fahidi Fort

The Al Fahidi Fort is a perfect cultural exploration tour starting point in the city. It has one of the oldest museums in Dubai. Originally built in 1787, the fort still has all its old architecture in place. See old artifacts from the discovery of the oil era displayed in the Al Fahidi Fort gallery. The life-size dioramas in the lobby present a whole different perspective. There are lots of carpenters, tailors, craftsmen, and ironsmiths at hand to provide nice memorabilia.

Explore Dubai Old Town

Found on the banks of the Dubai Creek, the famous Dubai Old Town takes you back in the ages. At its peak, it was the most successful pearl diving port in the entire Gulf. For Emirate history, it doesn’t get more intense than the Old Town. If you like to buy some gold, the Gold Souk isn’t far away. Al Bastakiya here will present your local art as well. Must visit for heritage explorers.

Old Souk Is Full of Surprises

Old Souk or more commonly called the Bur Dubai Souk and Textile Souk is a modern-day market. You will find plenty of stores selling FMCG products. The brightly lit candles, colorful fabrics, and fabrics separate it from other more recent markets. This market has just about anything you’ll need including some nice local souvenirs. Hand-woven fabrics are available to remember your trip with.

Al Ahmadiya School Tour

At the Al Ahmadiya School, you can see how education developed back in the 20th century. Traditional internal and external classes, internal courtyards, utilities, facilities, and corridors tell you the story of the time. It was the first national semi-structured school in the region. See the back-in-the-day learning tools and writing materials. Explore more about subjects taught back in the day and awards including many historical government documents affiliated with the local education system of yesteryear.

The Amazing Jumeirah Mosque

Built by the late Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum, the Jumeirah Mosque is one of the finest pieces of architecture in Dubai. Some of its designs are taken from Egyptian and Syrian styling. It is a big structure and can hold up to 1500 worshipers at any given time. It is a must-visit place when on a cultural exploration trip in the city. Also, be sure to get a luxury car rental Dubai service and treat yourself to a peaceful drive in the region.

Don’t Miss Dubai Museum

It is known to be the oldest existing building in Dubai offering historical culture like no other. In the Dubai Museum, you can see how life was in the Emirates before oil was discovered. Its galleries successfully depict the historic Arab souks, date farms, houses, and mosques. You will also find scenery from the desert and marine life. On display, you will also find pearl diving history depicting actual scales and weights used at the time. Some antique items go as far back as 3000 BC. Everything is preserved.

Souq Ad Hadid Archaeology Museum

Witness archeological monuments discovered throughout the county at the Souq Al Hadid Archeology Museum. Head to the historic building of the Shindagha Heritage District of Dubai, the Museum employs more modern tech to access Saruq Al Hadid (the Way of Iron). It is located in a remote desert spot. Metal work was done 3 millennia ago. There are so many experiences available in the museum for people of all ages. Science and theories are displayed in the galleries too.

Visit Hatta Heritage Village

History and culture buffs always have a great time in the Hatta Heritage Village. It is a mountain village showcasing all aspects of life as they were centuries ago. You get to see everything including the agricultural history, living style of the previous generations, defensive arts, and more. At its backdrop, you will also witness the mesmerizing scenery of the Hajar Mountain range. Date trees and vast barren lands are to be seen as well. Governor Bait Al Wali used to reside here as well.

Go Back in Time at Burj Nahar

Burj Al Arab and Burj Khalifa might be plenty of times taller. But the Burj Nahar showcases just how early tall structures used to be. Built in 1870, the monument is one of three water towers meant to view enemy tribe movements around Deira city. The Burj is of great historical significance being constructed in ancient times using coral stone and mud. Beautiful gardens and date trees surround the structure. If you want to take memorable photos, the Burj Nahar is a must-visit place.

Camel Back or Old Land Rover Desert Safari

The oldest Land Rovers are still somehow preserved in the desert of Dubai. A desert safari is filled with so many historical surprises. For more adventurous ones, a camel-back desert safari might be a better choice. Desert safari tours can be booked with different preferences. Book one with historical and cultural sightseeing objectives and you will have a great time here in the Middle East. Avoid the hottest time of the day and year for maximum comfort.

Book a Dhow Cruise Trip

Dhow Cruise is the oldest known form of Arabian on-water traveling. There are many different opportunities available including a dhow cruise in the calm seawaters. It is a big boat with traditional fabric tents on it. Some dhow cruises are the perfect options for honeymooners and also families. Select one according to your requirement. There are so many differently decorated ones. Overnight dhow cruise trips are also available keeping you in the water for longer.

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