Advantages of Drake Tax Software for Tax Professionals

Drake Tax Software : Created for SMEs and CPAs, Drake tax software has many features for Professional tax management, including automatic calculations and updates to save time. It enables accountants to save time with their work which means more focus on clients to increase the efficiency of the business. While there are many pros to the software, hosting it on the cloud with the help of Hosted Drake Tax Software Providers also brings great benefits. 

Here are the top benefits of Drake tax software for tax professionals:

Remote access for your data

Cloud computing enables users to work from any place and at any time with any device which has internet access. This simple remote access function adds great support for the users. Several users can have access and work on the same files simultaneously without any issues.

When customers and CPAs work collectively on a collaborative platform, the cloud provides an easily collaborative space for their changes. The changes can happen within minutes and help them save time & money.

As there is no limitation of being tied to a local system, you can work from anywhere and still be efficient. Drake’s software is accessible from any location and the UI is similar to that on your desktop. Drake Tax software can also be hosted on the cloud for affordable prices offered by reliable DaaS Providers in the market. 


Drake tax hosting leads to cost efficiency as it reduces the cost of IT infrastructure significantly. This is efficient due to the low number of resources needed, the need for no software installation, upgrades, upkeep, and there is no requirement for any staff. All this is handled by the cloud hosting provider.

Moreover, you only need to pay for what you use on a cloud-based service. You are not obliged to make any capital expenditure on it. You just have to subscribe to the service of your choice and enjoy the content without worrying about any extra charges. Also, since there is no downtime when it comes to software in the cloud, you need not spend funds to fix potential downtime problems. Many SMEs believe that only companies with large budgets can afford the use of cloud services; however, this is not the case. Cloud services are among the most affordable available to any company, regardless of budget.

Enhanced Security

With advanced security systems like firewalls, multi-factor authentication, anti-virus, end-to-end encryption, automated backups, and Intrusion Detection and Prevention System (IDS & IPS), your tax data is extra secure as compared to a local system.

Assistance for the cloud

IT teams are required to help with tax issues. Most tax professionals don’t have the resources to get this type of help, but an IT team can resolve your issue on time. However, with Drake tax software hosting, you can always trust that you’re in good hands with the expert team provided by hosting providers who make sure your software is up-to-date and running smoothly.

Apps4Rent is the most preferred provider for hosting services related to Drake software with exceptional assistance and data maintenance. Apart from this, they have more services like Office 365 Cloud Migration and more for the benefit of your business.

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